Provincial Tories get most negative Twitter attention

New poll by Ipsos looks at Twitter mentions during the first week of the campaign

While the provincial Liberals and Tories have been the talk of the Twitter-verse, the Progressive Conservatives have been receiving most of the negative attention.

A new survey conducted by Ipsos Reid for Newstalk 1010's sister stations CTV and CP 24, shows in the first week of the election campaign, the Liberals were mentioned most of Twitter, with 39 per cent of the focus. The Tories received 38 per cent and the NDP were only mentioned 23 per cent of the time.

President of Ipsos Reid Public Affairs Mike College says it's no surprised the PCs received the most negative attention of the Tweets aimed at them, with 58 per cent. He says that's because the typical Tory-supporter is older. He says the typical Twitter user is younger and votes Liberal or NDP.

College says this doesn't necessarily mean there may be higher numbers of younger voters showing up to the polls, however. He says it could just be a case of what he calls "passive activism" - having their say on social media without casting a ballot.

Over 45,000 tweets were considered for this study.

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  1. Frankie posted on 05/13/2014 04:32 PM
    It's too bad the younger generation doesn't understand that supporting the massive spending policies will end up costing them the most in the long run as they'll be in the midst of their careers paying a huge share of the taxes they supported when they weren't paying any.
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