Victim in Kensington Market hit and run is dead

28 year old Jay McGinn died in hospital Thursday afternoon

Jay McGinn

Toronto police confirm to Newstalk 1010 that 28 year old Jay McGinn died on Thursday afternoon. 

Police say that at around 2:30a.m. Saturday morning, that McGinn was struck by a passing vehicle as he attempted to get into a taxi cab.  Police say the driver of the passing vehicle kept going as McGinn lay bleeding on the ground.  The 28-year-old suffered severe head injuries and had been in critical condition at St. Michael’s Hospital, until his passing on Thursday.

A 31-year-old Oshawa woman, Karen Fyfe, was charged with failure to stop causing bodily harm after an incident in the Kensington Market area of the city. Charges against her are expected to be upgraded. 

Outside the courthouse, Karen Fyfe’s father, John spoke briefly with Newstalk 1010’s Amber Gero on Monday.

“I just want to say how bad we feel for the family and the poor young man in the hospital.  Our heart goes out to them.  We are parents, we understand, but what’s been done has been done.  I’m so sorry.”

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  1. Suz58 posted on 05/12/2014 08:19 PM
    Very sad! They should have a pic of the woman facing charges. This happened at 2:30 am...hmmm!

    Best wishes to Mr. McGinn, get well soon!
  2. john posted on 05/15/2014 06:21 PM
    Why does the media say she turned herself in? She did not. It was a tip from the public that lead to her arrest.
  3. V Gray posted on 05/15/2014 06:27 PM
    Heartrending outcome. Cannot imagine the depth of sorrow.
  4. Suz58 posted on 05/15/2014 09:05 PM
    RIP Jay McGinn.

    Anyone saying life is fair, is wrong. Let's hope the courts get this one right.

    Justice needs to be served!
  5. jake posted on 05/15/2014 09:49 PM
    Such a shame.
  6. don was right posted on 05/15/2014 10:16 PM
    who was drinking what? was he drunk? was she drunk? why was guy getting in the drivers side? was it her failure to stop that killed teh guy? Or did she simply not stop after running into him in the middel of the road and thus failure to remain. Questions questions. looking for clues
    1. Angry Bill posted on 05/16/2014 09:48 AM
      @don was right Not sure what you're on, don was right. The guy was getting into a cab. No, it wasn't her failure to stop that killed the guy. It was her failure to not run over the guy that killed the guy.

      And it takes a special kind of disgusting sorry excuse for a person to run over someone and keep driving. Homicide charges and jail time is definitely warranted.
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