WATCH: Healthcare, transport and energy promises on the campaign trail

All three leaders speak to policy before the long weekend.

Traffic, nurses and hydro rates.

After announcing expanded powers for nurses - like being able to write prescriptions for non-narcotic drugs and order tests like MRIs - Premier Kathleen Wynne cast doubt on Tory leader Tim Hudak's claim he  won't touch the healthcare sector in his proposed 100,000 public sector jobs cuts.

She says healthcare and education make up 70 per cent of the public sector. Hudak meantime chose to focus on getting GTA seats by pledging to tackle traffic.

He says he wants to get money to increase GO train service and build subways by cancelling planned LRTs on Sheppard and Finch, as well as Mississauga and Hamilton.

NDP leader Andrea Horwath was the only leader not in Toronto, claimed she would be able to get hydro rates down. She says she'll end subsidized power exports and take the provincial portion of the HST off of hydro bills, which comes to about $10 a month.


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  1. Mak posted on 05/17/2014 07:19 AM
    Look at the photo of the idiots smiling around wynne bag as she spouts lies and more lies to the idiots in hopes of getting votes from the idiots. I understand why piggy greedy teachers and other public sector union hogs will vote for liberals but does not EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN ONTARIO know that liberals lie with every breath and that liberals actually think these other voters who vote for them are idiots.

    Liberals are great at smiling at people who they have low opinions of.
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