Progressive Conservatives unveil new ad

Tories say it is a message of hope

The Progressive Conservatives have unveiled a new online ad that they say showcases them as the party with a message of hope.

The clip has party leader Tim Hudak saying he's asking Ontarians to opt for progress and vote for a plan that will mean a better future for the province.

The ad was introduced by deputy party leader Christine Elliott at the Abilities Centre in Whitby, where a visitation was held last month for her late husband, former finance minister Jim Flaherty.

Elliott says the Tories want to have a debate about ideas, while Liberal leader Kathleen Wynne has spent the campaign ``angry, negative and lashing out at others.''

 She says her party doesn't want to be attacking other politicians personally, which is why the new ad focuses on a message of positive change.

The Progressive Conservatives have at least two ads from late last year available online that are highly critical Wynne.

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  1. Thoroughly Disgusted posted on 05/17/2014 02:17 PM
    Hudak and his right wing bunch have no shame - using the dead man's widow to unwrap a new political ad - and at the place where the man's wake was held no less !!

    That 's all anyone should need to know about the kind of things Hudak will stoop to if he's ever elected as Premier.
    1. Sonny posted on 05/17/2014 04:53 PM
      @Thoroughly Disgusted Hudak does not offer hope to the 100,000 people's jobs he's gonna slash over 2 years. Like cutting 10,000 teaching assistant positions or getting rid of the Eduation Grant means less people pursuing post Secondary school education which mean less skilled OR qualified workers...
  2. Jack posted on 05/17/2014 05:25 PM
    Ontario needs a change. If the Liberals are re-elected (or worse, the NDP get in) to continue the past ten years of waste and mismanagement, we will all lose far more than the 100,000 redundant public sector jobs that will be cut.

    I believe in change, I believe in the Million Jobs Plan, and I believe that the choice is clear: HUDAK FOR PREMIER!
    1. Alex posted on 05/17/2014 06:01 PM
      @Jack A million part time or temp jobs so Ontario people can piece meal an income together with 2 or 3 of these low paying so called jobs.

      We want good jobs not working poor employment.
    2. Jack posted on 05/17/2014 06:08 PM
      @Alex Have you even read the plan? I strongly recommend that you do. The PCs will repair the noxious and unprofitable environment the Liberals have created for business in this province, creating full-time jobs with good pay.

      The only other course of action is to stay with the Liberals, and start growing turnips in our yards as the constant implementation of costly new taxes and regulations make it impossible for businesses to turn a profit here, and they leave, taking their jobs with them.
    3. Alex posted on 05/17/2014 07:54 PM
      @Jack A million new ful-time jobs with good pay! LOL
      You hanging out in Rob Fords sisters basement with the rest of the criminals?
  3. Alex posted on 05/17/2014 05:58 PM
    There is not much choice from any of the big three political parties but Tim Hudak supports American style 'Right to Work' legislation (which is really Less rights for workers).
    That makes Tim Hudak and his party the last choice for Ontario voters.
    1. Dean posted on 05/17/2014 06:11 PM
      @Alex Right To Work has nothing to do with fewer rights for workers. It's all about giving workers the right to apply for any job with any company in any industry without being forced to join a greedy, power-hungry union.

      It's about giving people already in those unions, who just want to do what they're good at and passionate about, the freedom to choose whether they want to keep handing part of their hard-earned income over to an organization who uses that money for political causes halfway around the world.

      And yes, it's about reducing the power that thugs like CUPE have to wreak havoc with our lives anytime they decide that turning a major city into a garbage dump is the quickest way to get their latest set of demands.
    2. Barry posted on 05/17/2014 07:12 PM
      @Dean Unions are thugs? Who exactly has fought for safety in the workplace..equal rights for women? child labour laws? and a livable wage? you those very same "thug" unions...big corporations and a lot of business owners despise unions because they stand in the way of.... look at the mining disaster in Turkey as one example, seems some people get there nose out of joint when they see the working people trying to get ahead..just saying...there needs to be a fair balance, and Hudak is not the leader to rule ALL the people of Ontario, not just the entitled few who need a cheap and plentiful labour force so they can rake in the dough
    3. Alex posted on 05/17/2014 07:51 PM
      @Barry Guys like Dean have convinced themselves that business works for the good f humanity if left without checks and balances.

      Even with weak labour laws look how companies like Walmart make the richest even richer while they let the masses living below the poverty line.
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