WATCH: PCs release new ''hopeful'' ad, Liberals remix it

PCs tout job creation, Liberals highlight planned public sector cuts

Ontario's Progressive Conservatives are out with a new "hopeful" online ad that the party says highlights a commitment to bringing new jobs to the province.

The clip features people in different careers who say they "want to work" before PC leader Tim Hudak appears, saying there is a "jobs crisis" to be tackled.

"Our ads are all about our positive, optimistic vision of what Ontario can be. How we're going to get more people on the payroll in our province," Hudak said Monday, adding that the PC ads stood in stark contrast to those recently released by the Liberals.

"I'm just very disappointed that Kathleen Wynne, that she's gone so negative. It looks to me like someone whose more interested and worried about keeping her own job instead of being focused on creating more jobs for Ontarians".

In one recent Liberal ad, the Liberal leader can be heard asking if NDP Leader Andrea Horwath is "for real," while another online clip compares Hudak to former cost-cutting PC premier Mike Harris and suggests Hudak can't be trusted.

Within hours of the release of the new PC ad, the Liberals re-jigged it to highlight Hudak's plan to cut 100, 000 private sector jobs.

The video the Liberals call a "correction" opens with the same footage of people in different careers, but the voice overs have been changed.

"I was a water inspector", says one, "I was a nurse" says another.  "But Tim Hudak fired me". 

The Liberals swapped out footage of the PC leader talking in the legislature about "getting people back to work", with a glum-faced Hudak promising to reduce the number of public sector workers in Ontario by 10%.

Wynne has said her ads are not personal attacks but instead are about contrasting differences between the Liberals and the other parties.

The parties can only run ads online for now, as there is a blackout for election ads on traditional media until May 21.

Election Day in Ontario is June 12.

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  1. Ernie posted on 05/19/2014 08:02 PM
    Wynne's Liberals are disgusting to resort to this type of dirty advertising. Is this really how the Premier of our province should be acting?
    1. Sammy from Scarborough posted on 05/19/2014 08:15 PM
      @Ernie Actually "disgusting" was Hudak having Jim Flaherty's widow trot out that poor, weak excuse of an ad from the place where Flaherty's wake was held.

  2. Sammy from Scarborough posted on 05/19/2014 08:18 PM
    Time for Hudak to fire the media team.
    That ad was served up to the opposition on a silver platter and the Liberal media team was the first to turn it to their advantage.

    Perchance the wheels are beginning to loosen on the Conservative bandwagon already?
  3. tanjo posted on 05/20/2014 11:45 AM
    It's an unfortunate fact that attack ads are effective. Let's face it, you pay attention to the "bad news" stories much more than the "good news" stories.

    Haven't actually viewed any ads yet, but when I do, it will be with three things in mind:

    (a) Are they attacking the person (bad) or the policy (acceptable)?
    (b) Are the facts they present verifiable?
    (c) Keep in mind, attack ads say as much about the person doing the attacking as they do about their target.
  4. john posted on 05/20/2014 02:55 PM
    no surprise she did this liberals are getting there assess handed to them in the polls . i am not buying what she is selling . mostly cause i cant afford to . but i would not buy it ever if i did .
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