Calls for hydro rate debate in provincial election

A former hydro worker wants a debate centred on how to get rates down

A former Toronto Hydro employee is calling on the provincial leaders to have a debate focused specifically on hydro rates.

Paul Kahnert worked for the utility for 33 years. He says rates soared under a Tory government after the system was partially deregulated and privatized. He says that led to higher rates and none of the three parties are putting viable options to help the strain on your wallet.

Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak vows to increase your hydro bills at a slower rate than the Liberals are proposing by to end wind and solar subsidies, which he says would save $20 billion and create 40,000 jobs in the sector.  He says his plan would cost $384 less a year compared to the Liberals.

NDP leader Andrea Horwath wants to take the HST off of your Hydro bills, saving you around $120 a year.

Premier Kathleen Wynne says along with removing the debt retirement charge in 2016, the Liberals have supports in place for lower income families and businesses to catch a break on their bills.

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  1. Ernie posted on 05/21/2014 08:11 AM
    solutions are:

    Underlying Principle:
    Electricity is vital for the public interest and health of its people and economy. It must be operated in an efficient AND non-profit manner at all distribution levels from generation to delivery.

    The price right down to the end user should be regulated by the provincial government who would also take over local utilities owned for profit by municipalities.

    The price should be fixed annually with no time of day premiums. Time of day premiums have done little to conserve power, but have created an industry like in California where power is purchased by companies at night to be sold back at premium prices during the day like commodities whose money brokers trade them for profit.

    All excess energy created in the province should go to hydrogen production to create an industry that can cleanly run vehicles, or can be stored for burning in special power plants when extra capacity is needed. Hydrogen burns clean with only water vapour produced as its waste product from burning!

    solar energy and wind energy must have a moratorium put onto further use at this time. wind energy at the moment has not lived up to its cost models due to massive technical problems with bearing systems in existing units. Bearing failures are resulting in massive failure rates on wind generation which requires the entire generator to be removed from the towers and replaced. It could be 5 or more years until practical solutions are found to this issue.

    solar energy at this time is not a competitive generation method for mass use. The flaw in the technology is that only 18% of the sunlight hitting a solar cell can be converted to electricity. The result is a very expensive investment for little power produced. The technology must be taken back to the laboratory to find ways to improve its efficiency to a cost effective method. At 22 cents a kwh, it needs to be 3x more effective to be affordable.

    Invest in new nuclear technology. the technology is clean, cheap 4.5 cents per kwh - and can produce vast amouts of power whose excess can be used to create hydrogen

    stop building natural gas plants. Natural gas may be cleaner than coal nut it still produces CO2. furthermore natural gas is a commodity subject to price fluctuations so the people of Ontario would have no control over it's don't use it. Convert existing plants to hydrogen.

    BTW. I work in the solar and wind energy industries, so I am well aware at how Ontario rate payers are getting screwed. I don't think its right.
  2. john posted on 05/21/2014 11:45 AM
    it is all bullshit anyways the prices will always go up there is no down . they don't even know what down even means . my problum with it is that just like insurance company s giving lame ass excuses for raising prices . my fucking power bill just want up big time and i am only one person living in a new house .
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