WATCH: Drive Clean could be a thing of the past

It all depends who gets elected on June 12th

The province has made the Drive Clean emissions test $5 cheaper but that doesn't mean there aren't still calls for it to go.

On the election campaign trail, Tory leader Tim Hudak says he'd get rid of the now $30 test for cars. He claims it's just another program to keep bureaucrats busy.

NDP leader Andrea Horwath says she's willing to "deep six" a program that isn't working anymore. But she says she would have to look into if it's valuable.

The province underlines it reduces smog-causing emissions by 36 per cent each year. However, it has had its problems, with some cars never failing the test even if they technically should and newer cars being given the thumbs down.

Most major glitches in the test are believed to be fixed.

When the program was started in 1999, it wasn't supposed to make money. But fast forward to the end of last year and it has made $19 million in profits for the province.

The test is mandatory for cars seven years or older.

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  1. Greg posted on 05/23/2014 06:47 AM
    15 years and MOST major glitches are BELEIVED to have been fixed? Typical government ineptitude. Well, Tim, I hope your sincere about this because it really needs to go. It's gonna be tough though. Governments get addicted to these revenue streams and $19 million ain't peanuts. It's no $1.1 B but still...
  2. john posted on 05/23/2014 10:34 AM
    here are the reasons why i don't drive

    1th the drive clean thing is a fu#%$#%$ing joke and a tax grab

    2nd insurance is a fu#$@#%$@ing joke and i am surprised people can afford it . with all the other bullshit people have to pay . and always give a lame ass excuse to defend the fact that are nothing more then the biggest scam on earth and next to the liberals the biggest money sucking scumbags ever .

    3 rd 35k for a fu^&$#cking tin can are u fu$##$cking kidding me why the fuc%&^$%&k would i buy a tin can for 35k when i can get a old car and make it work a thousand time safer and better then the piece of sh$%#$it tin can . at a cheaper price .

    4th thay should get the price of gas under control the price is BS and always lame ass excuse to rise the prices .
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