Motorcyclists Warned to be On Alert After 3 Killed Saturday

Toronto Police send out a warning for motorcycle riders and drivers to be on alert for each other after three men killed in two separate motorcycle crashes on Saturday.

After a long cold winter some motorists may have forgotten what it’s like to be on the road with motorcyclists.   Toronto Police issues a news release containing tips for those travelling on two wheels as well as those on four after three men were killed in two separate collisions involving motorcycles on Saturday.  It was in the early-morning hours of Saturday when two men were thrown from their motorcycle in Brampton after smashing into a Mazda as it was going through an intersection.  Both the driver and passenger on the bike died. 

That same day on Cityview Boulevard in Vaughan a man was killed after he lost control of his motorcycle and crashed. 

Monday, Toronto Police sent out a news release with some tips for drivers and motorcyclists alike(See tips below). 

Toronto Police say they responded to numerous collisions involving motorcycles over the weekend and say because motorcyclists are so vulnerable, it’s important both riders and drivers stay on alert. 

“According to U.S. studies, motorcycle riders are 30 times more likely to be involved in a collision than other drivers.” read the release.

Some tips for a safe commute are:

1) Reduce speed - keep your vehicle speed at or below the posted speed limits and drive according to weather conditions

2) Safety zone - ensure you keep a "safe zone" around you at all times

3) Leave space - leave at least 5-8 seconds following distance between you and the vehicle ahead of you on highways and 3-5 seconds for city streets. This will help reduce the need for emergency manoeuvres to respond to sudden traffic changes

4) Check twice - check your blind spot, then check it again before making a lane change. Motorcycles are small vehicles and sometimes they are difficult to see

5) Check your mirrors - when slowing or stopped for traffic, check your mirrors for vehicles that may be approaching too quickly or may be unable to stop

6) Escape route - ensure you leave yourself an escape route whether you are driving or stopped for traffic

7) Lights on - have your lights on at all times to enhance your safety

8) Reflective material - motorcycle riders should wear bright colours to help make themselves more visible to other drivers

9) Drive safely - when driving, ensure your movements are smooth and clearly indicated so all drivers know what you intend to do

10) Proper safety equipment - motorcycle riders should wear proper protective equipment such as helmets, gloves, leathers and boots

11) Do not buy a motorcycle that you cannot handle - unfortunately some riders buy motorcycles that are beyond their riding ability. Do not put yourself at risk before you have even ridden your motorcycle

12) Be a defensive driver, not a reactive one - if you drive defensively your chances of being involved in collisions will be reduced


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  1. Angry Bill posted on 05/26/2014 03:30 PM
    13. If you have to have a bike, don't get a crotch rocket. You're not Steve McQueen, 007, or a stuntman on the Fast and Furious. You're a kid with a much shorter life expectancy than you used to have. Remember that.
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