Rules for electronic devices on planes loosened

Transport Minister says you can use your video games, tablets and computers at any time, even during takeoff and landing...

The directive to 'please turn off your portable electronic devices' is becoming a thing of the past for Canadian air travellers.

Transport Minister Lisa Raitt says regulations are being changed to permit the use of video games, tablets, computers and cameras at any time during a flight, including during takeoff and landing.

Travellers using electronic devices will, however, still have to make sure their devices aren't transmitting a signal.

Raitt says the move is intended to strike a better balance between safety and passenger comfort.

Under the regulation exemption, airlines will also have to show that their aircraft are not affected by the devices and that passengers can still be made aware of crew instructions during emergencies.

Last year, the U.S. Federal Aviation Authority lifted its ban on the use of portable electronic devices under safe flying conditions.

Shortly afterward, all major U.S. airlines began allowing ``gate-to-gate'' use of devices and the European Aviation Safety Agency quickly followed suit.

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  1. john posted on 05/26/2014 02:01 PM
    it is all bs anyways . this electronic devices bullshit was to start with . it was just a scam to get people to use there phone and there com devices so thay can charge tones of money to use them . like the cell phone .
    1. Mark7 posted on 05/26/2014 02:30 PM
      @john I do not own a cell phone, tablet, ipod, blackberry, orangeberry, purpleberry.... All are a waste of money. Some of us are not brainwashed into thinking that we need one of these frivolous devices. Many will find out come retirement time that they have not saved nearly enough money. No sympathies for those who waste money and let the mass marketers win.
    2. Sean posted on 05/26/2014 07:11 PM
      @john I think this article disproves the entire premise of your argument. This shows that it was the government all along, and not the airlines, who put restrictions on PEDs. Besides which, for years now, both Air Canada and WestJet have had FREE seatback entertainment.

      I know that it's pretty easy to troll airlines, but sometimes when they say that something is "due to Transport Canada regulations" it's exactly that.
    3. john posted on 06/11/2014 02:23 PM
      @Sean the government gets taxes form the amount of meny thay charge people who use the airplane phone . ever heard of service fees ?
  2. Sean Riddolls posted on 05/26/2014 03:27 PM
    In the 1980's they wouldn't allow the use of electronic devices even then. They wouldn't even permit my younger brother to use his Speak & Spell on the plane for fear it may interfere with the plane's navigational equipment.

    It comes down to the fact that the Port Authorities simply don't know what kind of repercussions there are from people using different kinds of electronic equipment, so traditionally they have just barred everything.

    However these days, 90% of flight passengers carry cellphones, tablets, or laptops, and they have discovered that it doesn't interfere with the navigational systems, so they have relaxed their policies.
  3. Edgar Traveller posted on 05/27/2014 06:19 AM
    WOW !! - the Harper government making more life-altering decisions ! (Yeah ... that will be a first)

    I flew coast-to-coast on business for 10 years and thoroughly enjoyed the freedom from interruptions accorded by turning off all the digital toys and watching a movie or having a nap.

    To the people who have to fly often - stop letting your employer jerk your electronic leash and turn off the toys whenever and wherever you can. You'll feel much better and be more productive in the long run.
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