John Tory spells out his plan for transit in Toronto

Tory propses a new, regional high-speed rail transit line within 7 years

Toronto Mayoral candidate John Tory stakes his transit policy on a proposed regional express rail line
Photo: Amber Gero/NEWSTALK 1010

Mayoral candidate John Tory has released his plan to get you moving in the city and beyond with his "One Toronto Transit Plan."  

Tory is hopping onto a plan already announced by the province that would bring in Regional Express Rail, an all-day, two-way surface subway service that would run on existing GO track lines with new higher-speed vehicles.  

The first project would be the SmartTrack line which would run from the Airport Corporate Centre near Matheson Boulevard, down to Union Station and back up to Markham in the East.  

The SmartTrack line is 53 kilometres long and would include 22 new stops and 4 interchanges with the TTC Rapid Transit Network.  

Tory is promising the new line within 7 years and would include full fare coordination with the TTC system.

The total cost of the SmartTrack line is $8-billion.  

The city's one-third share of the cost would be financed using Tax Increment Financing, which would dedicate a portion of increased tax revenue from development along the line to fund construction.

John Tory reiterated his promise to immediately start building a Scarborough Subway extension as well as his pledge to provide new express bus services for areas like Don Mills Road, Liberty Village, and Dufferin Street.

Tory says the new SmartTrack line would generate relief by reducing passenger use of the Yonge-University-Spadina line as well as reducing car congestion in the areas serviced by the new line.

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  1. Angry Bill posted on 05/27/2014 11:51 AM
    This actually looks pretty good at face value. But the devil's always in the details. Hopefully everything pans out in support of this. No way to know that yet.
    1. Dean posted on 05/27/2014 12:12 PM
      @Angry Bill Agreed: It LOOKS good, but can we actually make it happen? And make it happen under budget?
  2. enm posted on 05/27/2014 01:02 PM
    I like 2/4 of smart track: Union-Danforth & Eglinton-YYZ.
    I think Sheppard E & Finch W need to be priority over Scarborough-Unionville & Union-Eglinton W.
    1. Sonny posted on 05/27/2014 04:34 PM
      @enm These lines look a lot like the GO track path. Is he going to tax and spend to pay for however much these lines on paper are?
    2. sarah posted on 06/26/2014 11:40 AM
      @enm Why can't the TTC greatly expand express service in every crunch area right now? Especially on Finch and Sheppard, Scarborough to downtown, Etobicoke to downtown.
  3. ToddK_2 posted on 05/27/2014 01:03 PM
    He had my vote the second he announced. I hope he makes it back at the Provincial level someday.

    He is respected and will demand respect. The tree-huggers in council won't stand a chance.
    1. arthur posted on 05/27/2014 01:08 PM
      @ToddK_2 John is a nice guy but he's lost twice to the tree huggers.
    2. Angry Bill posted on 05/27/2014 02:44 PM
      @arthur I don't think he lost. The people lost. John doesn't need the job. He's already famous, rich, and successful in business. Politics can give him nothing he doesn't already have.

      His opponents are free to be slimy, unscrupulous politicians and attack John with lies and half truths. Gullible voters buy this, because they're... well... gullible. And pretty stupid. John, however, doesn't fight back the same way because he's actually honest. As a result, he doesn't get the gullible vote. And the gullible vote far outweighs the vote of smarter people.

      That, children, is why John "lost" to the tree huggers.

      Bottom line, smarten up and stop believing the frigging socialists and liberals who have run the city into the ground, and who plan on continuing to do so.
  4. AC posted on 05/27/2014 01:06 PM
    he mentions the city's one third but no mention of the other levels of government and where they stand.
    Scarb subway must be cancelled and priority to downtown is most important.
    outside of that i like John i will vote for him if Ford is not in the race. if Ford is still in the race then my vote goes to Chow
    1. Jack posted on 05/27/2014 01:15 PM
      @AC How can you possibly justify voting for Olivia Chow? There's enough waste and corruption in this city already without putting a Dipper at the reins.
    2. ToddK_2 posted on 05/27/2014 01:16 PM
      @AC Well be prepared for 10-15% property tax hikes by Chow. She'll start giving every person with a hand-out their own house and all the Unions more unaffordable wages and benefits.
    3. AC posted on 05/27/2014 01:28 PM
      @Jack first off loose the stupid names like dipper you sound like a dork manjacake. 2nd Chow has a huge support in the ethnic regions of the city and her caring for the young and old services speaks to my concerns and many other people no matter what the idiots on the right think.
    4. Jack posted on 05/27/2014 02:23 PM
      @AC "Huge support" doesn't mean much; a large group of people can agree on something and still be wrong, especially when we're talking about special interest groups being bribed with taxpayer money. Or when we're talking about people stupid enough to vote for a candidate based solely on the colour of her skin.
    5. dama posted on 05/27/2014 03:12 PM
      @AC I thought caring for the young and old are the responsibilities of the Provincial and Federal government?

      So why Olivia Chow didnt push these agendas when she was the federal MP? and why should Toronto City spend more money on nurseies, libraries and old age home? City Hall wil be dead broke under O Chow..

      ohh dont forget the revitalization of bike lanes whih the current council had cancelled..
    6. Frankie posted on 05/27/2014 03:50 PM
      @AC Too bad re Chow. IMO and believe I've even heard it from media she's not very intelligent and fiscally will make Miller look like Mike Harris (a favourite of the left). There's a very good reason Miller's gone.

      FYI Chow was NDP transportation critic yet she hasn't been able to come up with a single intelligent transit plan. Guess she really isn't that smart. Makes you wonder what she was doing in Ottawa though.

      Re funding heard Tory mention today that he hopes and believes feds and province will support the model if they approach with a united front, but he's honest to admit there's nothing firm.

      I do understand the dilemma posed with both Tory and Ford competing and hope Ford will be out as I don't hold hope he can fix his personal problems in time to get a majority.
    7. Bob posted on 05/27/2014 04:43 PM
      @ToddK_2 Chow just like Ford (well totally different than Ford really) is just one vote on council. so your rhetoric is really just ring wing rhetoric. where she will be different is in people skills which Ford had zero skills. She will be able to work intelligently and professionally with council. Also about time the ethnic community of the city gets a larger voice in this city. That's her base! the Asian/Italian/Portuguese community. the last 4 yrs have been all about the cakes in the burbs.
    8. ToddK_2 posted on 05/27/2014 04:56 PM
      @Bob I live in the real world with a mortgage, car insurance payments, and bills. Me and others in my situation are the ones financing all this B.S.

      Give your head a shake, damn Ontario voters are like deer in headlights, makes me laugh.
  5. Logic posted on 05/27/2014 02:51 PM
    Remember: Anything a politician promises to you if you vote for them comes at the direct expense of someone else. Today, Chow robs your neighbour to give you a tax credit. Tomorrow, she robs you to give your neighbour a tree-planting subsidy.

    1. dama posted on 05/27/2014 03:17 PM
      @Logic You are right in your assessment.. even with John Tory's One Toronto Transit Plan.. read the fine print.. tax will rise to pay for this..

      Nothing is for free.. politician just need to manage OUR many better and not paying high expense account for public sectors CEOs and managers..
    2. Frankie posted on 05/27/2014 03:56 PM
      @dama I have no issue with civil servants and managers being well paid. In return we deserve an efficient public work force. Pay them in line with private sector, including bonuses WHERE JUSTIFIED. Get rid of all the dead weight and there's plenty of money for TTC and other government services without raising taxes.

      The problem then is an increase in unemployment and it's no secret government's skew employment numbers by increasing public hiring to pretend they're responsible for helping the economy. Too many voters get conned by that.
    3. dama posted on 05/27/2014 04:09 PM
      @Frankie I see your point, in reality, its the Federal and Provincial government that are not managing our money...

      When I said expense accounts of Ceos and managers.. I really meant all levels of politicians.. Senate waste.. Duffy and Wallin and then some...

      eHealth,, Orange and gas plant cancellations.. all these money can be downloaded to municipalities to be used for infrastructure.

      The other issue is, when government creates public jobs just to lower the unemployment rate.. it is our money that is paying the salaries.. I rather private sectors creates the jobs.. government collect taxes

      So on a side note: Tim Hudak is right on private sectors creating jobs..and 100, 000 public jobs lost through attrition..
    4. Angry Bill posted on 05/27/2014 04:16 PM
      @dama One thing I am pretty confident of, Tory would manage taxpayer money far, far better than any of the other contenders for the job. Rob Ford may shout his one-liner slogans about respecting taxpayer money, but John Tory actually has the smarts, business acumen and will to actually do so. Chow doesn't even pretend that she's going to respect your money.

      If John Tory says he's going to raise taxes by a certain amount for a specific reason, you can bet your ass he's thought it through and is telling the truth. Anyone who comes alone after him and promises to accomplish the same thing and claims they won't raise taxes is taking you for a ride. If you fall for it and vote for that person, I'm sure no one will be more surprised than you when that person raises taxes. And probably a lot higher than John Tory would have. And to a much lesser effect. ie, that extra tax revenue will be squandered rather than go for what it was intended for. Tory would at least direct the tax towards its intended purpose.
  6. JohnH_6636 posted on 05/29/2014 03:41 PM
    It looks like GO because it is on GO tracks. It has a good logical layout to connect northeast east and west. A few stops (many exist as GO already or SRT, so even less to build) I would like a Logan stop on there if I still work where I do in Leslieville by the time it is completely electrified. Is the Queen stop at Logan? Since Stouffville GO line and SRT are parallel from Eglinton to Ellesmere, this eliminates need for LRT on that route, and subway can extend as funding is set. I've never understood the 7 vs. 3 debate when 2 are around a maintenance yard and library sort facility, 1 is the mall, 1 is still close to the mall and the other 1 past Kennedy is parallel to GO. and that is 6 including Kennedy not 7. This is far better than any plan shown in 2010, and he did say another relief will follow, but this will help in the short term. You know and I know that Chow backtracking to LRT will take more than 4 years she claims to finish, and Scarborough will be inundated with shuttle buses as it happens. Vote Tory. If I lived here I would.
  7. frank posted on 06/26/2014 11:25 AM
    Why not add a few Toronto stops to each of the 8 Go lines that leave Union Station each day, and run the trains several times an hour within Toronto, in addition to their regular schedule.
  8. frank posted on 06/26/2014 11:37 AM
    To move people in the shortest time, every line, above ground or below, needs a parallel express line. That way no one in Toronto would have to take any train for more than a few stops and capacity and profit potential would skyrocket by about 800%.

    Such a small amount of space, for such a massive increase increase in capacity. The key point is to leave room for this crucial future expansion. Of course there is nothing preventing building subways far beneath current ones likely with a short jag to the left or right, from current ones.

    Imagine Scarborough to Pearson in five stops and about 22 minutes. Ca Ching TTC and even the Go! No new land acquisition. Just add tracks and trains.

    P.S. 1010, these mayoral shots, 3 nice 2 not, look pretty biased. Makes you look very unprofessional. Why turn on 2? What is wrong with you?
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