Transit talk is front-and-centre at Mayoral debate

John Tory to unveil more details about his transit strategy on Tuesday

Transit policy talk was front-and-centre in Toronto's most recent Mayoral debate
Photo: CTV News

The first Toronto Mayor's debate since Rob Ford went into rehab was held Monday night.  

The event was not a 'debate' in the classic sense of the word, taking the form of a roundtable discussion.

Olivia Chow and Karen Stintz zoned in on John Tory, challenging him on whether he is "serious" about building the so-called downtown subway relief line.

Stintz is pitched a TTC fare freeze and then took a verbal swipe at Tory by saying she doesn't "need a town hall" to arrive at a position.

Tory was actually 40 minutes late to the roundtable because he was co-hosting NEWSTALK 1010's Live Drive with Ryan Doyle and while Tory wouldn't tip his hand on Tuesday morning's release of his full transportation and transit platform, he did indicate where he'd find some of the money.

"A great place to start to find money for transit and other things is by taking those cost overages that are going on routinely -- tens and tens of millions of dollars -- and say 'that's a thing of the past and we're not going to be doing that anymore,'" Tory says.

Tory added that Rob Ford talked about some of the right things in the area of more efficient ways to govern but he became so polarizing and so unable to get anything done with Council that "he was just out of gas."

The Live Drive will feature a Toronto mayoralty candidate each day this week and there's an open invitation to Mayor Rob Ford when he comes out of rehab, assuming he still wants to be re-elected.   

On Tuesday's show, mayoral hopeful Karen Stintz will be on the air from 4:00pm to 7:00pm.

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