UPDATE: TTC driver disciplined after abandoning bus

TTC's Ross called it a 'miscommunication'

TTC brass say the bus driver who left his bus unattended last week in Etobicoke has been disciplined.

What form that punishment has taken, we won't find out.

"We have taken some action, as an employer we don't discuss or disclose what that action is, but the message has been sent loud and clear to all our employees."

Spokesman Brad Ross says three workers in all were involved in the incident on May 20th in Etobicoke, including the driver of the bus and the driver who was supposed to take over.

"It was a miscommunication, a very unfortunate one, but one we've taken seriously," says Ross, "nothing we feel was malicious in anyway, it was just poorly handled."

The incident came to light after a passenger posted a video to pointing out the bus driver had left, and no one had arrived to take his place.

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  1. Alex posted on 05/28/2014 04:19 PM
    This was a travesty of justice, that man is a union member and thus a saint. Any action he takes should be rewarded, even if they appear negative to us common folk; the unions work in mysterious ways, but verily, they work for the good of us all.

    Also, I am a racist.
  2. don was right posted on 05/28/2014 04:47 PM
    keep recording everything questionable done by cicvil servants. Keep posting it on line. Then it cant be swept under the rug.
  3. alan posted on 05/28/2014 05:03 PM
    It must have been those three drivers first day on the job and of course no one is accountable or responsible..What else do you expect to come from TTC management but what was given.
    1. Greg posted on 05/28/2014 08:13 PM
      @alan He was disciplined, right? Is it really your right to know how?
    2. Frank posted on 05/28/2014 08:23 PM
      @Greg Yes Greg, we would like too know . These people work for us !
  4. fran posted on 05/28/2014 08:31 PM
    YES GREG this people work for US
  5. Alex posted on 05/28/2014 10:09 PM
    I think that there was possibly a wrist strapping and a policy announcement.

    Vote John Tory for Mayor of Toronto!
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