Tories: MaRS costs could be higher than thought

Party releases more documents and claim your taxdollars may be going down the drain

The Tories claim the bill for the MaRs development is going way up.

It may even be reaching gas plant cancellation territory. That cost taxpayers $1.1 billion.

MPP Vic Fedeli claims new documents prove amortization, tenant retrofit and shortfall costs could add up to almost $600 million in taxpayer money. That's on top of a $317 million buy out the Tories claim the Liberals paid to the development.

Fedeli is criticizing the Liberals for keeping these costs secret from taxpayers before an election campaign.

The premier underlines this real estate negotiation is ongoing and nothing has been decided on. However, Kathleen Wynne says it was put on hold because of the election.

Wynne says they would actually move public sector workers and consolidate departments into one building which is owned by the government.

The Liberal Party is criticizing the Progressive Conservative's math. They say the Tories miscalculated amortization costs and should be half of the estimated $440 million. As for the tenant fit-up costs, the Liberals claim it would be recouped in rent.

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  1. Mike posted on 05/30/2014 11:48 AM
    convenient timing 2 wks away from the election! when Canada's top economists are totally debunking the million jobs plan as voodoo economics you throw everything out and see if anything sticks. Don't even wait for the other side to rebuttal that would just ruin a good spin....
    1. Thor posted on 05/30/2014 12:52 PM
      @Mike Typical lieberal apologist comment.
    2. Frankie posted on 05/30/2014 02:06 PM
      @Mike Some people are just to dumb to be allowed to vote. Canada's top economists have also said that the Liberals are sending this province to fiscal disaster. Don Drummond's report was very clear yet the Liberals ignored the most important issues, then came out with an even worse budget.

      Even Dwight Duncan (former Liberal Finance Minister) advised Wynne and Sousa of the dangers of their budget and the debt.

      Yet Liberals ignore that and focus on Hudak's promise of a million jobs.

      A house is on fire with people inside yet Liberals would focus instead on putting out a little grass fire instead of saving the people.

      Dumb, dumber, dumbest!
    3. Walter posted on 05/30/2014 06:59 PM
      @Mike Correction - Liberal economist are question the jobs plan.

      I did the math on Hudaks jobs plan.

      Ontario's population is 13M, and the growth rate is about 1.25% per year ( - that's a 10% growth over 8 years (12.5% with compounding). So keeping the unemployment rate the same, the 7M workers would have to increase by 880,000, just to keep up with population growth. Presumably, the remaining 120,000 can be made up by lowering the unemployment rate by 1.5%, or by increase in population growth, or a combination of both.
    4. David posted on 05/30/2014 09:59 PM
      @Mike Liberals have decreased the deficet 1.5 billion dollars over the past 4 years. Liberals claim they will eliminate the 12.5 billion dollar deficet within the next three years without ANY cuts to the public sector. Your woried about the Conservatives #'s? Please explain how their going to accomplish this Mike. Or maybe, dear premier might be LYING. No, couldn't be.
  2. tanjo posted on 05/30/2014 01:28 PM
    Oh, so it's in negotiations, and was put on hold for the election. The report yesterday seemed to indicate that this was a done deal. I will file this away with "get on the Ford bandwagon/get off the Ford bandwagon", "Right to Work/no Right to Work" and "I will cancel the gas plants too".
    1. arthur posted on 05/30/2014 02:25 PM
      @tanjo file it where it belongs. that's really all it's worth.
      rather convenient to dream up a scandal of biblical proportions 2 weeks away from the election when the PC's have had a terrible past week of having their platform picked apart by economists and one of their own MP's is saying the party is going down a wrong path.
      Fidelli was on the radio this morning and when some details and questions was asked of him he couldn't answer. all he did was lob accusations.
      in some ways i don't blame them they know this is Hudak's last kick and if he doesn't win the PC's will be pissing into the wind for years
    2. Frankie posted on 05/30/2014 05:22 PM
      @arthur Unfortunately you're right about Hudak's last kick.
      If the Liberals win however, they will be pissing all over us for the next 4 years. Too many Ontario voters like being pissed on.
    3. tanjo posted on 05/30/2014 05:34 PM
      @Frankie Not true. I can't possible see the Liberals winning a majority. They will need to govern knowing their every move is being carefully watched.

      Meanwhile, PCs will bring in a leader focussed on Managing the province effectively, rather that pushing a "far-Right" agenda.

      Then it is only a matter of time before something else screws up and we do this all over again, preferably with better alternatives.
  3. Alex posted on 05/30/2014 06:17 PM
    ""Tories: MaRS costs could be higher than thought""~Headline

    I am sure the Tories are right. But for sure of much greater significance is the fact that Tim Hudak leadership costs to Ontario families could be much much, higher than anyone ever would have thought
    Not much choice this election but I know who NOT to vote for.

    Elect John Tory for Mayor or Toronto.
    1. Walter posted on 05/30/2014 07:02 PM
      @Alex Remember during the 2011 election, the Oakville gas plant was $200M and the Mississauga one $40M. Then after the election, it was found that they true costs were $700M and $300M.

      No doubt this MaRS fiasco will also increase in cost.
    2. Alex posted on 05/30/2014 07:26 PM
      @Walter █ A fiasco indeed. █ However no one is saying to vote for any party other than the ever dangerous Tim Hudak. █ This man will damage via his politics every family in a much greater measure. █ There is not any real choices but bad choices. █ Definitely we know who is the worst choice however. █
  4. Alex posted on 05/30/2014 06:37 PM
    Yes, a Tim Hudak premiership will be very dangerous to Ontario families. Here's how:

    1) Money is power
    2) Power corrupts

    So when Ontario families get to keep more of the money they earn, it will corrupt them and make them evil. See, a big expensive public sector and big expensive taxes are good! They keep us moral, and make it harder for the queers to pollute our way of life.

    Vote Liberal!
  5. Alex posted on 05/30/2014 07:18 PM
    █ It is important to remember that as people of this great province, we must look to the future █
    █ The future with Tim Hudak looks very dangerous. █ It will be a time when we return to too much power in the hands of the few. █ Big business can not ever be expected to treat the weaker individuals with fairness while they hold all the high cards.█
  6. Alex posted on 05/30/2014 07:43 PM
    █ The high cards need to be held in reserve and only given to the hallowed saints of Ontario's Big Unions. █ "We can't afford it" and "You want too much" is never a good enough reason to refuse a union's demands. █ You must give and give and give, and if they want more than you have to give, you must give them everything and keep nothing. █ Unions are law, unions are lord, unions are life. █
  7. Mark posted on 06/02/2014 07:49 AM
    Liberal voters are incredibly stupid. On the posts here on these topics, they can't answer legitimate criticism of the corrupt incompetent liberals so they, like goofie Alex, prattle on about the Senate or Ford or try to scaremonger about Hudak. Fact is idiot Alex, it would be difficult for ANY other politician to damage this province as much as the corrupt liberals have.
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