STUDY: Driving shortcuts are actually 'longcuts'

The TomTom Traffic Index also ranked Toronto as the 9th worst city in the world for traffic congestion

Another study has come out saying that Toronto is one of the worst cities in Canada for gridlock, but it's not the worst.

According to TomTom's Traffic Index, Vancouver has the worst traffic build-up in the country, followed by Toronto.

Toronto did rank number 9 in the list of most congested cities in the world.

Furthermore, the study revealed that the shortcuts drivers think they are taking to get around traffic, are actually making their commutes longer. The study says 'long cuts' add about 50 percent more travel time to journeys.

In Vancouver (Canada's most congested city) the average person experiences 87 hours of delay time a year, based on a 30 minute commute daily.

This is TomTom's fourth annual global traffic index. The Index takes into account both local roads and highways. The top seven most congested cities in Canada ranked by overall Congestion level in 2013 were:

1. Vancouver
2. Toronto
3. Ottawa
4. Montreal
5. Calgary
6. Quebec
7. Edmonton

The top 10 most congested cities in the world were ranked as follows:

1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2. Mexico City, Mexico
3. Sao Paulo, Brazil
4. Los Angeles, U.S.
5. Vancouver, Canada
6. San Francisco, U.S.
7. Honolulu, U.S.
8. Seattle, U.S.
9. Toronto, Canada
10. San Jose, U.S.

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  1. JohnH_6636 posted on 06/03/2014 04:41 PM
    It doesn't matter if the distance and time are longer, as long as the concept of motion is present. I would, and do much rather spend time diverting away from stopped traffic than sitting within it. Always know your escape routes, and if you're not sure, explore and you may just find a new one, or get trapped with no escape, but the try is worth the break from aggravation.
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