What to expect from the leadership debate

Provincial party leaders face-off

They're cracking their knuckles and maybe doing a few push-ups.

All three provincial party leaders are getting ready for the big debate on Tuesday, and McMaster University Political Science Professor Henry Jacek says they all have something they need to focus on.

For Tory leader Tim Hudak, it's becoming more likable, and changing the first impression he delivered during the last election. Jacek says a lot of voters think he comes off as a "smart aleck" on television.  

He says the NDP's Andrea Horwath needs to get back to basics, noting that when she spoke about pocketbook issues, he numbers surged in the polls. When she speaks in harsher tones about corruption, it doesn't resonate amongst supporters.

For the rookie at all-candidate debates, Jacek says Kathleen Wynne will be at a disadvantage. However, he notes that she shouldn't be completely thrown, given she has experience being in the hot-seat as Premier.

As for the biggest issue, Jacek says he thinks there will be a huge focus on if Horwath will commit to supporting Wynne or Hudak in a minority government situation. He says Hudak will also be pressed on the math in his Million Jobs Plan.

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  1. █Alex█ posted on 06/03/2014 05:38 AM
    █ Former Walmart manager, Tim Hudak will have on his big yellow smiley face, and will try to convince Ontario workers how we will 'save money, live better'█The reality however will be Ontario workers will get poorer and poorer while the rich business owners will get wealthier and wealthier█
    1. thor posted on 06/03/2014 03:29 PM
      @█Alex█ I knew you'd be the first to comment Alex. There are other jobs out there for you besides Wal-Mart. They already fired you once and I doubt they'd give you another job. Really, how much was required for you to collect the shopping carts from the lot. Face it, you blew it. Have you tried the fast food industry? Have you tried anything? You really need to get out of the basement into the real world.
    2. HP posted on 06/03/2014 03:43 PM
      @█Alex█ That's how capitalism and the free market work. Historically, only wars and severe depressions have redistributed the wealth of the "1%". Peace and economic stability result in the poor getting poorer and the rich eventually controlling all of the wealth. Only revolutions have rebalanced the wealth distribution in a civilization in times of peace and stability.

      That's why many of the poor rely on unions to help them achieve middle class status...if all unions are eliminated, it will guarantee that the rich will prevail.

      Hudak works for the capitalists, make no mistake. You'll see a big push in corporate, banking, IT, and finance to get him elected...many employees of large companies are already being pressured to vote for him or risk their jobs.
  2. franklin posted on 06/03/2014 05:50 AM
    Will the $500,000 costs award the Law Society of Upper Canada has been ordered to pay 2 lawyers and scandal at the society (hidden case law, bencher conflicts, tainted judges, etc) break into the provincial election, and tonight's debate?
  3. █Alex█ posted on 06/03/2014 06:24 AM
    █Tim Hudak is a former Walmart manager who wants the working families of Ontario to have the same relationship with their employers that Walmart employee's have to endure with Walmart.█
  4. Fact Provider posted on 06/03/2014 07:22 AM
    *** BREAKING NEWS ( 1 ) ***

    PC leader Tim ( Harris X 10 ) Hudak has confirmed that he will be accompanied at the debate by his imaginary beach ball friend, "INVISIBALL".
    Mr. Hudak states that extending his arms in front of his body in a supportive gesture actually means he's hugging INVISIBALL for reassurance. He expects that most of his INVISIBALL moments will be during attempts at explaining the million jobs plan to the 14 million Ontario residents who don't believe a word of it.

    *** BREAKING NEWS ( 2 ) ***

    The American network, NBC, will also be in attendance.
    Immediately following the debate, Mr. Hudak will be auditioning for the part of Howdy Doody in that network's revival of the popular 50's children's TV show.

    Network insiders say he has a very good chance at the part since the resemblance between Hudak and the puppet character is amazing and Mr. Hudak is accustomed to having his strings pulled by others.
    1. June posted on 06/03/2014 11:24 AM
      @Fact Provider Crap Provider, how long have you been stupid like this? Were your parents also idiots, or are they ashamed of you too?
  5. Dave posted on 06/03/2014 08:43 AM
    I just don't care. We're basically being asked which plate of human excrement we want to eat for the next four years.
    1. Jack posted on 06/03/2014 08:49 AM
      @Dave Considering that one of the plates is promising to create jobs in Ontario, and the other two plates are promising to push more jobs our of Ontario, it's still a pretty simple decision.

      Remember: Ontario needs YOU to get out and vote BLUE.
  6. Dean posted on 06/03/2014 08:53 AM
    People like Alex are focusing way too much on the one part of the PC Plan that requires cutting government workers from 1.2 million down to 1.1 million. The truth is that this takes us back to the size of government we had in 2009, a time when we still had hospitals, schools, and police. We just didn't have the massive debt back then that's hurting our economy today.

    The PC Plan is the only one that involves any job creation, any debt reduction, any cuts to bloated government spending. The PC Plan is the only one that involves Ontario moving forward, rather than digging itself into a deeper and deeper hole.
    1. Sonny posted on 06/03/2014 12:44 PM
      @Dean The Province has 1.1 million gov't workers. Ontario's populaton has grown & aged since 2009; the Great Recession.

      The NDP is offering a tax credit for job creation. Corporations have been hoarding cash since getting Provincial & Federal tax cuts...
      In 2013, the centre piece of St. Flaherty's budget was the Jobs Training Grant that the Cons spent several million$ advertising that was never implemented...
  7. Frankie posted on 06/03/2014 11:16 AM
    Those who dislike the Conservatives will pick at any item and make a big deal out of it, while ignoring the elephant in the room, 11 years of the worst Liberal government in history, with another 4 to come if they win.

    They don't care that the only way government has money to spend comes from taxes, and the only way to receive taxes is for a vibrant private sector to fund their spending. We need civil servants, social programs, etc. but if we keep scaring away and shrinking the private sector that funds all of this we'll end up like Greece or Spain or any number of other failed economies.

    Then what?
    1. sean posted on 06/03/2014 11:27 AM
      @Frankie The what is Detroit. The liberals built that.
  8. Karen posted on 06/03/2014 11:21 AM
    Wynne is a crook. She belongs on prison, not in office.

    Anyone who is voting for her is either unethical or stupid.
    1. Sonny posted on 06/03/2014 12:46 PM
      @Karen Wynne is not McGuinty. the educated people of Toronto & the 905 will stop Hudak who has lied about his math...
  9. Ken posted on 06/03/2014 02:35 PM
    Remember this speech
    "Dalton Dalton Dalton!" Wynne

    June 12 remember Kathleen Wynne's Liberals = Dalton 2.0
    $1 Billion Lost in Gas Plants
    $1 Billion Lost in E-health
    $35 Million Liberals pay off Caladonia residents and developer who had sued the Ontario Govt for failing to enforce laws.
    1. Sonny posted on 06/03/2014 02:58 PM
      @Ken Unlike Ford, Dalton had the decency to step down and resign his seat. People voted for Ford because of his agenda and got his personal problems... Kelly who is a Liberal; has been a good Deputy Mayor...
      Wynne is not McGuinty
  10. dama posted on 06/03/2014 03:04 PM
    Well,, some might need this debate for them to make up their mind,, but, does one really needs this debate?; for they wil be echoing the same old things and sing the same old song...

    You are either going to vote PC, if you think that Tim is able to create one million jobs, cut 100, 00 jobs through ATTRITION not like WYNNE said FIRED .. if you believed that 100, 000 workers will be instantly fired. you have light ears and easisy swayed by Wynne's propaganda..

    You are going to vote Liberal,, with all their scandals, then you deserve the punishment for the next 4 years.. Union does not care for its members,, the union heads just cared for their OWN pay.. .. and taxes will be higher.. deficit will be higher..

    You are going to vote NDP, if you think they can form the next government.. which I doubt it..

    So you know where my vote is going.....
    1. Dawn posted on 06/03/2014 03:10 PM
      @dama So you are going to vote PC; to cut staff that provide services like license renewal, teaching etc. just so Corporations can get a 30% tax cut?
  11. Dawn posted on 06/03/2014 03:41 PM
    Jack & Dusk; the PCs might get a dozen seats in Toronto & the 905! I guess we'll have to see how the leaders' debate goes and how the Newstalk hosts spin for the PCs like Agar...
  12. █Alex█ posted on 06/03/2014 04:36 PM
    █So now we are hearing that Tim Hudaks formula for 'a million jobs' is different than what we were led to believe.█ If a person is employed for 8 years in a company, we think of it as one job.█ But Tim wants us to think of that as 8 jobs.█ Maybe Tim should go and re-do his education instead of cutting it for all the young people.█
    1. Dean posted on 06/03/2014 04:51 PM
      @█Alex█ If a person is employed for the next 8 years with a company, that's a hell of a lot better than they would have done if the Liberals win and scare that company straight out of Ontario.

      The Liberal platform is built on deeper debt, higher unemployment, and economic ruin. The NDP plan is built on deeper debt, higher unemployment, and economic ruin. The PCs are the only party who realize debt is not a good thing, and that private-sector employment is vital to fund all those lovely social programs we take for granted in Canada.
    2. dama posted on 06/03/2014 05:00 PM
      @█Alex█ so why are you worry about maths??? media like to blow this out of proportion.. so relax..

      so 125000 new jobs(based on 8 to 1) and not ONE million .... is better than 300,000 manufacturing job that Ontario lost due to Wynne's Green Energy Act. that cost more on hydro bill
  13. JohnH_6636 posted on 06/03/2014 04:57 PM
    The day I believe anything the money hungry tax you to death Liberals say about their opposition is the day I fart rainbows. Math was 1,000,000 over 8 years which is 125,000 per year, which is apparently just a bit more than the economy so far is creating which was more like 85,000. That means he's hoping his party's changes to economy make 40,000 more jobs a year, or 320,000 over 8 years. I've already heard some economists suggest that as probable. I didn't hear any economist saying it was a math error. Only the Liberals insist that. The Liberals have already added another Ornge/ E-Health/ Gas Plant scenario in an Ontario Pension Plan, but we already have OPP so they need a new name, and credible operation, which we know they can't do, as you see another $200/month disappear from your wallets.
    I doubt the 100,000 public sector jobs to be axed are all bottom rung workers, nurses, police, and firemen. They will be top VPs without a job description like several at the many incarnations of Hydro, and middle managers between the workers and higher management that merely transport papers between them. That's a good thing. That's what most candidates looking for efficiencies and cutting waste would do. Losing that will not tear down our province, it will remove positions of minimal value to our tax dollars paying them. Hate them both? Then vote for $120 off Hydro with the NDP.
    1. █Alex█ posted on 06/03/2014 05:03 PM
      @JohnH_6636 █ I doubt you hear anything you don't want to hear█
  14. Anil posted on 06/03/2014 08:26 PM
    We as a family sat through the entire debate this evening but are disappointed and confused as to who to vote. It is becoming very difficult to trust the Liberals, PC's plan is for the top 1%, and NDP seems to be taking a safe route. Who will deliver? In this province, we need jobs, roads, bridges, transit and better education. However, we cannot afford to pay more in taxes. Why no one asked about the debt retirement fee that we are being charged past its retirement date? Will the Liberals' new pension plan urn out to be yet another scam a few years from now? We are concerned and confused.
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