POLL: Tim Hudak wins leaders' debate

An Ipsos Reid poll found 36 percent of those surveyed feel the PC leader came out on top

(Photo: Frank Gunn/CP)

Ipsos Reid has released a new survey following Tuesday evening's Ontario leaders' debate.

According to the results, PC leader Tim Hudak came out on top among 36 percent of those surveyed. Liberal leader Kathleen Wynne had 27 percent say she won the debate, while NDP leader Andrea Horwath followed right behind with 26 percent.

Nearly three in ten (26%) viewers say that Tim Hudak had a knock-out punch during the debate, compared with significantly fewer who believe the knock-out punch belonged to Horwath (15%) or Wynne (12%). Nearly half (47%) of viewers, though, believe that no knock-out punch was delivered by any of the party leaders.

36 percent of those surveyed believe Tim Hudak offered the best ideas and policies in the debate, while Horwath followed with 31 percent, then Wynne with 28 percent.

When it came to who "acted and sounded most like a Premier", Tim Hudak and Kathleen Wynne were tied with 37 percent. Andrea Horwath got 22 percent.

It was Andrea Horwath who made the biggest impression on viewers as 54% say they have an improved impression of her as a result of the debate. Horwath also came across as "most likeable" with 43 percent agreeing with that statement. Wynne and Hudak were far behind with 26 and 25 percent respectively.

As for who is the most "visually attractive" leader, 57% say that was Andrea Horwath, then Tim Hudak with 17%, followed by Kathleen Wynne with 12%.

The poll was conducted for Newstalk 1010 partners CTV and CP24 on June 3rd among 1,765 Ontarians.

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  1. HP posted on 06/04/2014 07:06 AM
    I'm not voting this time and I encourage all to boycott this election. Tell them that we're mad as hell and that we're not taking it anymore. Can't have a legitimate government if less than 10% vote.
    1. Madashe__ posted on 06/04/2014 08:03 AM
      @HP NO...... don't just NOT vote. Even 10% will STILL give one of them a "mandate" to govern. If you're really disillusioned (as are thousands) - go to the poll, register to vote and accept your ballot. Then do not spoil your ballot (don't mark on it, don't write on it, don't deface it) - hand it politely back to the poll clerk and tell her you want your vote RECORDED as a DECLINED BALLOT .... they HAVE to count it. It's the closest, legal venue we have to a "none of the above" selection.
    2. Justin posted on 06/04/2014 08:36 AM
      @HP Howard Beale? Is that you?
    3. Jack posted on 06/04/2014 09:16 AM
      @HP That's the kind of attitude that leads to Liberals getting re-elected.

      No "election boycott" in CANADA has ever been successful. If you want to send a message to the Liberals, vote PC and let Wynne know that we've had enough of her criminal behaviour. If you want to send a message to all of the parties, mark your ballot Green or Independent.
    4. Frankie posted on 06/04/2014 09:35 AM
      @HP The strongest message one can send a party is to decimate them at the polls. Mulroney's Conservatives went from a majority to 2 seats across Canada. That sent a message to them and everyone else.

      If voters don't send a clear message the Liberals will think they can keep stealing, lying, bribing and mismanaging this province with impunity.
    5. Surster posted on 06/04/2014 10:56 AM
      @HP When you skip voting, it's NOT rebellion. It's surrender. Every time you don't vote, you are saying "I am too lazy to make an informed and justified choice, maybe not for the perfect politician but one whose ethics and reasons are closest to mine". Or go in and refuse your ballot or spoil it. That is voting as well. But not showing up is just crap. And yes, we can have a government if only 10% vote. It's called democracy - we don't force people to exercise their privilege as a Canadian citizen. But, if you are one of those 90% who didn't vote, then you have no right to complain. Put up or shut up.
    6. Mark7 posted on 06/04/2014 11:32 AM
      @HP You are still trying to get the thinking class to think like you, the non thinking class. You keep posting this crap in hopes we won't vote, so your criminal Fiberals at least have a CHANCE to get back in. Give it a break, son.
  2. vern beck posted on 06/04/2014 07:39 AM
    If one thinks someone won because they harped about one single thing and their family,go for Hudak,but don't say you were not warned he is nothing more than Mike Harris,only not as smart. His win will be Ont. loss-big time. No recovery.
    1. John posted on 06/04/2014 08:04 AM
      @vern beck Ontario needs someone like Mike Harris right now. Ontario is heading toward financial ruin. Something needs to be done to stop the bleeding. To quote FDR: "One thing is sure. We have to do something. We have to do the best we know how at the moment... If it doesn't turn out right, we can modify it as we go along."
    2. Jack posted on 06/04/2014 09:19 AM
      @vern beck Harris? Where have I heard that name before? Oh, right, wasn't he the last Premier before we had ELEVEN STRAIGHT YEARS of Liberals in office?

      The problems we have today (soaring hydro rates, stolen billions, constant concessions to unions) are all Liberal problems. We need a strong PC majority to finally get this province back on track.
    3. surster posted on 06/04/2014 11:02 AM
      @vern beck A Hudak win will put us even further behind in public transit and combating congestion. It was his boss, Mike Harris, who stopped the Eglinton subway when it was already partially built. If they had continued on instead of stopping, filling it in and wasting $153M doing so, we would have had an Eglinton subway, would not be dealing with the current construction and bitching and complaining about it being an LRT. Conservatives forget that conveniently but still will complain about congestion and traffic. And don't forget that Hudak will stop all electrification of the GO lines which would make them faster, quieter, cheaper to run and best of all, cleaner to operate. No more diesel fumes, more stops, less health issues with electric trains -- all the way around it's a win but Hudak is too stupid to see that. Epic FAIL!!!
    4. surster is a liberal crook posted on 06/04/2014 11:13 AM
      @surster surster, your brain is an epic fail
    5. thor posted on 06/04/2014 01:47 PM
      @surster Give it a break! Typical TO selfish attitude. NEWS FLASH: There's more to Ontario than Toronto. Peddle your bike in the bike lanes and don't forget to stop for the red lights.
  3. Ernie posted on 06/04/2014 08:32 AM
    Hudac's policies clearly made the most sense for Ontario now and in the future. Wynne is clearly out of gas as a party that can deliver what Ontario really needs.

    Yet, I suspect that there are so many greedy people in the province who believe the "whats in it for me mentality" that they will buy the bullshit that the Liberals are selling.

    As far as the million jobs plan - whats wrong with creating an environment where either 500,000 or even 2 million jobs are created ? People are too fixated on "the number" its the policy that critical. Furthermore - whats wrong with not hiring replacement public sector workers when they retire or quit ? get on with it and get government smaller, leaner and more efficient. It gives beurocrats less time to figure out how to screw the taxpayer!
    1. Sonny posted on 06/04/2014 10:59 AM
      @Ernie Hudak & his fan club are still tooting the "Million" when the reality is with the lost of teachers, assistants & special ed. less students will graduate from high school; the minimum for most jobs.
      Also with the elimination of the 30% tuition grant; low income people will not seek post secondary education to get the skills for the so called created jobs!
    2. don was right posted on 06/04/2014 11:43 AM
      @Sonny you are referring to teh same teachers that will go on strike and work to rule arent you? Those teachers that cant addd 3 + # without discovering it isnt 4? Those university profs in teh sunshine list club who make those salaries tha make up teh tutions on teh backs of teh poor studenst you refer to? For 16 hours of work per day? Right

      Vote hudack
    3. Ruth posted on 06/04/2014 12:17 PM
      @Sonny I don't understand how the public service employees are voting against the PCs just because they might cut some jobs. If we don't cut now, none of them will be getting their pensions in the future. Our Province will be bankrupt and there will be no money for anything.
    4. Justin posted on 06/04/2014 12:50 PM
      @Ruth Actually, I've had a very enlightening conversation with a friend of mine who works in front-line emergency services. Even as a unionized public servant in a sector which will be facing reduction-through-attrition under the Hudak government, he understands that the PCs are Ontario's best chance to avoid bankruptcy.

      I'll be posting this conversation tonight on

      Vote PC!
  4. Fact Provider posted on 06/04/2014 08:45 AM
    Debate Realities vs My Recent Predictions

    1. I predicted that Hudak would be stilted, shallow and incompetent.
    He was quite nervous, very sweaty all night, not too stilted, almost competent despite the continued clinging to his bad math - but he was the most shallow and artificial spinner of "socialist" story telling ever seen since Clinton.

    2. I predicted that Horwath would waste most of her attack on Wynne rather than on Hudak. That is precisely what she did and she and her Party will now live to regret it.

    3. I predicted that Wynne would be spending the night on defence but would deliver some good jabs. She spent the entire night on defence - was handed numerous opportunities to deliver jabs and generally, came up short on the delivery needed.

    All in all, this debate was pretty much 90 minutes that I'll never get back. I have watched debates all the way back to Kennedy vs Nixon in 1960 and have never seen a debate quite like this waste of my time.

    Hudak gets points for NOT messing up as badly as expected.
    Horwath approached achieving a good job done but didn't quite deliver on it.
    Wynne played only decent defence but failed to trip up her opponents with their own words.
    1. don was right posted on 06/04/2014 11:45 AM
      @Fact Provider You missed the part where Wynne said repeatedly" I am not a crook" and "I am not a crook any longer"
  5. JD posted on 06/04/2014 08:53 AM
    Wynne said that she was sorry about the gas plant scandal, and that she takes responsibility for it.

    .....but what does taking responsibility really mean? Just fessing up, and moving on with NO consequences -nobody getting fired, nobody going to jail, being re-elected??????

    The reason why Wynne performed so badly last night, because the Liberals have not yet really come to terms with the gas scandal.
    1. Frankie posted on 06/04/2014 09:14 AM
      @JD Words are cheap! If Wynne was really sorry she'd have the Liberal party repay the $ 1.1 Billion. Anything less is disingenuous.
  6. Ernie posted on 06/04/2014 09:08 AM
    Its interesting this morning that Torontonians are confused after the debate. I guess the 'golden girl" Wynne really looked horrible last night and its time for pause.
    1. J posted on 06/04/2014 09:21 AM
      @Ernie She always looks horrible, though.
  7. Frankie posted on 06/04/2014 09:13 AM
    Wynne definitely was worst although it's hard to defend 11 years of corruption, incompetence, mismanagement and bribing the public service.
    Horvath wasn't bad.
    Hudak was better than expected.

    Only watched a bit as Wynne's history speaks for itself, NDP only interested in taxing and wasting more money, leaving Conservatives as only intelligent option.

    If I wanted to help bankrupt the province and make the next 2 generations pay for the unfettered waste I'd vote Liberal.
  8. Mike B posted on 06/04/2014 10:27 AM
    Personally I think all three of them are useless.

    I am voting for the Green Party, mostly because I think we need more choices in our leaders and frankly I think it was unfair for leave Mike Schreiner out of the debate. The Greens may not be the next winners, but at least they bring new ideas and perspectives to the table.

    So if you do feel the urge to boycott, don't. Vote for something different and give the Greens a chance.
    1. Sonny posted on 06/04/2014 10:56 AM
      @Mike B A vote for the Greens is not effective unless it is in the leader's riding(see E. May) I live in Toronto and my riding is going Liberal so I will likely vote ND because Horwath got in the most zingers in the debate.
  9. Ted posted on 06/04/2014 11:17 AM
    Wynne is a crook. She belongs in prison, and not in public office.

    Fire the crooked liberals. Do not reward them for their criminal behavior.
  10. Mark7 posted on 06/04/2014 11:43 AM
    Criminal Wynne always has her hands waving in the air. Too bad we do not have middle eastern law here, so we could cut off those hands that have stole from us.
    1. don was right posted on 06/04/2014 11:47 AM
      @Mark7 She ever said "safe hands" Did Allstate threaten to sue?
    2. Mark7 posted on 06/04/2014 11:51 AM
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