Leaders busy one week until the election

Wynne in Toronto, Hudak in Ottawa, and Horwath in Niagara

It's one week until the election, and party leaders are spread out over southern Ontario.

Premier Kathleen Wynne warned a Tory government would strip support for municipalities, forcing to raise property taxes.

Wynne met with a group of mayors in Mississauga, to speak about issues in communities across the province.

She continued to compare cuts proposed by the Tories to those made under the Progressive Conservative government led by Mike Harris.

Tory leader Tim Hudak was in Ottawa, repeats his pledge to lower business taxes, which he says will create jobs.

In Welland, NDP leader Andrea Horwath promised to clean up corruption and accountability in her first month at Queen's Park, if elected as Premier.  Horwath says the Respect For Ontarians Act would close a loophole on the ban on partisan advertising to make sure no tax dollars are being spend on that. She also wants ombudsman oversight in healthcare system, including Ornge air ambulance.

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  1. █Alèx█ posted on 06/05/2014 06:35 PM
    █Wèll thïs ïs ït folks!█ Put on your sèätbèlts██It wïll bè ïntèrèstïng to sèè ïn onè wèèk whät dïrèctïon thïs provïncè goès ïn onè wèèk from todäy.█Soon wè wïll bè govèrnèd by thè worst choïcè, Tïm thè Tèa Pärty Hudäk or somè othèr clown.█ But Tïm for surè ïs thè worst choïcè of äll.█Votè wïsè. whïch mèäns not Tèa Pärty Tïm Bït Hudäk█
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