POLL: Voters conflicted on provincial leader of choice

Eligible voters prefer Horwath as leader more than NDP as governing party

Despite recent numbers for party support painting one picture, some voters in Ontario appear to feel differently about who they want to actually lead the province.

According to the latest Ipsos-Reid poll conducted on behalf of CTV News and CP 24 -- but shared exclusively with NEWSTALK 1010 -- 34% of eligible voters prefer Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne as leader of the Ontario goverment; the NDP's Andrea Horwath sits second with 33% support, while only 32% want Tory leader Tim Hudak in as the next Premier.

Ipsos Reid's poll released Friday showed that among decided voters, the party race is in a dead-heat with the PCs and Liberals at 35% support, and the NDP trailing a fair bit behind at 26%.

According to these numbers, more voters are keen on a Progressive Conservative government than an NDP government.  But Horwath is slightly the more popular choice over Hudak as provincial leader.

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  1. Leo Foss posted on 06/07/2014 07:23 PM
    According to Journalism 101 you're supposed to state the question(s) asked, the number polled, and the margin of error.
    Perhaps Newstalk 1010 knows this, which is why they also fail to identify the reporter or the source.
  2. ToddK_2 posted on 06/07/2014 08:30 PM
    Really? people are still confused? wow.
    1. tanjo posted on 06/07/2014 10:53 PM
      @ToddK_2 This vote is clear-cut only if you want to use your vote to punish past deeds.

      If you are looking to the future: who you want leading the province for the next 2 -4 years, then the picture is very, very muddy.
  3. HP posted on 06/08/2014 09:03 AM
    I encourage all eligible Ontario voters to boycott this election...tell the politicians that we're mad and not playing their stupid games anymore. No votes for any of them!
    1. Jack posted on 06/08/2014 09:19 AM
      @HP Even if any election boycott in Canadian history had ever produced larger results than one line in a news article about "low voter turnout," you're about 9 days too late. Anecdotal evidence shows one of the largest turnouts ever to the advance polling stations when they were open from May 31 to June 6, so what could your boycott possibly accomplish?

      What we really need is for every eligible voter who hasn't done so already to watch the Leader's Debate, read up on the party platforms and the Liberal track record of being the worst government Ontario has ever had, and realize that the only way we're going to avoid the fates of Greece and Detroit is to get out and put a large X next to their riding's PC candidate.
    2. Loretta posted on 06/08/2014 10:04 AM
      @HP While I agree with jack that a boycott is futile at this point, it is clear that after making that point he loses objectivity.
      An election is not to be punishment for bad deeds but to choose or next leader. None of the big three parties are being fitted for halos, and all have past indiscretions to be held to account for.
      While I am still an undecided voter, a strong leader, who stands up to those opposed is what we need.
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