Don Valley West: Will Wynne keep her seat?

Tories hope to paint the riding blue, like they did federally

It's decision day and that means voters across the province will be headed to the polls starting at 9am.

And with Kathleen Wynne vying to keep her job as premier, it would also be beneficial for her to keep her seat in Don Valley West so she could be a part of proceedings at the legislature.

It's a riding she's represented for 10 and a half years. She hasn't spent much time campaigning there, but she says when she isn't in her home base, she's keeping in touch with volunteers to see how the ground game is going.

Wynne left the Tory candidate in the dust in 2011, doubling the amount of votes the Progressive Conservative candidate received with over 24,000.

However, federally, the riding went from Liberal to Conservative that same year.

McMaster University political science professor Henry Jacek says that's because of Michael Ignatieff, who he says could have been the worst leader the Canadian wing of the party has ever had. He says the dislike of him cased many MPs to lose their seats on Parliament Hill.  

Looking east to Quebec, two premiers in a row not only had their parties lose their government but they also lost their seats. Jacek says things are different here. In Quebec, he says voters wanted to get rid of party leaders. He says the Ontario Liberals got rid of Dalton McGuinty, so Kathleen Wynne may be just enough of a change to keep the party in power.

The man who wants to replace Wynne is Tory candidate David Porter. He claims, it's time for a change in Don Valley West. But he does offer it's a huge task since Wynne is well-liked in the area.

If the the Premier loses her seat and keeps her job, she'll likely call a by-election to be able to sit in the legislature during proceedings. However, Jacek says it's unlikely the public will elect a government but not the leader of that party.

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  1. Fact Proovider posted on 06/12/2014 08:02 AM
    Nice try 1010.
    What a feeble stretch at creating "doubt".

    Ms Wynne is in real trouble in her own riding - she'll likely eke out a slim win by a mere 15,000 - 20,000 votes !!
  2. True Facts posted on 06/12/2014 09:29 AM
    McGuinty's Liberals, leading into the Wynne-Horwath Coalition, are the worst governments Ontario has ever had. With any luck, Wynne will lose the Premier's seat, lose her MPP's seat, and we'll never see her face in Queen's Park again.
    1. Sammy from Scarborough posted on 06/12/2014 09:35 AM
      @True Facts Ha Ha.
      Good luck with that.
    2. john posted on 06/12/2014 10:30 AM
      @Sammy from Scarborough i agree sadly there is to many brain dead liberal voters in that riding .
    3. Justin posted on 06/12/2014 10:36 AM
      @john Spoken like a true CON, a childish comeback.
    4. ted posted on 06/12/2014 11:03 AM
      @Justin Justin, your just another crooked liberal scumbag
  3. Arthur posted on 06/12/2014 09:49 AM
    this is it folks our chance to drive a nail into the coffin of Hudak's political career once and for all. vote Liberal
    lets get out there and vote
    1. Jack posted on 06/12/2014 10:33 AM
      @Arthur Absolutely, vote Liberal if you want higher taxes, more expensive hydro, and widespread unemployment.
    2. john posted on 06/12/2014 10:48 AM
      @Arthur u mean vote for membership to the chapter 11 club !
    3. dama posted on 06/12/2014 02:36 PM
      @Arthur I will let Wynne keep her seat but lose her government..
      how generous I am ..
  4. ToddK_2 posted on 06/12/2014 09:54 AM
    I'd be ok with a Liberal win if all these Union-back scare ads didn't air. Nothing democratic about a Union doing this whose wages are paid by the very people voting for a new government today. Furthermore the OPP union scaring voters to back a government where they are investigating criminal activities to and the very party that will give them a hefty pay hike.

    Am I missing something here? Conflict of interest anyone?
    1. AC posted on 06/12/2014 10:21 AM
      @ToddK_2 i mostly agree with 3rd party groups butting out, but i would like to see newspapers butt out also and anything involving private business butt out.
      the rhetoric about a divide with unions and people paying their wages i don't agree. unions are people like non union are people who pay taxes also. sometimes union working people's tax money go to bail out private business or prop up bullcrap like unelected people we have never heard of in Ukraine like our dear federal leader just did. that's my freakin money going to unelected ultra nationalists in some foreign place
    2. ToddK_2 posted on 06/12/2014 10:24 AM
      @AC If you are talking about bailouts to private business you are referring to the Automakers, which is wrong and needs to stop. Newspapers don't need to butt out because they don't have a stake in the election like the Unions do.
  5. Ted posted on 06/12/2014 11:02 AM
    The only seat that crook Wynne should have is a seat in her prison cell.
  6. john posted on 06/12/2014 11:19 AM
    if u think about it . if the liberals get in again . that means the cons will be in fed power in the next election . really look into the history . there has NEVER been a con controlled province as well as a fed one .
    1. john's fact checker posted on 06/12/2014 12:10 PM
      @john You get more stupid every second.
      And, you can't read.

      There are a number of cases where the cons controlled both the province and the country at the same time
      I'll just cite a few, so as not to confuse you too much

      Prime Minsters Mulroney and Campbell - 1984 to 1993
      Premier William G. Davis - 1971 to 1985

      Prime Minister Joe Clark - 1979 -to 1980
      Premier William G. Davis - 1971 to 1985

      Prime Minister John Diefenbaker - 1957 to 1963
      Premier John Robarts - 1961 to 1971

      Prime Minister R.B. Bennett - 1930 to 1935
      Premier G.S. Henry - 1930 to 1934

      You provide a whole new meaning to the word "moron"
  7. ToddK_2 posted on 06/12/2014 11:59 AM
    The Liberal\PC\NDP Platform, in theory could work, but incompetence and self interests always plague Governments. There are little to no quality of people that would even consider a career in Politics. This problem will always exist especially in Municipal and Provincial governments which is why they are all delinquent governments.
    1. Angry Bill posted on 06/12/2014 12:15 PM
      @ToddK_2 I'd love to have a career in politics. That, to me, would be an awesome job. My wife said she'd divorce me, though. But still.

      The reason I'd love to be in politics? The same reason as most politicians, I guess.. I'd finally be at the trough. My life would be taken care of. I'd have a fat pension. I could rub elbows with the rich and famous, the movers and shakers. I could take kick backs to vote for corporate interests. You know, all the usual reasons why people get into politics.

      Next election, vote Angry Bill! A vote for Bill is a vote for what makes you angry! (this message brought to you by the committee to elect Angry Bill)
    2. Karl Burgin posted on 06/12/2014 12:54 PM
      @Angry Bill I'll vote for you if you promise to be as stupid as Rob Ford, Tim Hudak and Stephen Harper.

      I like backing losers.
    3. Angry Bill posted on 06/12/2014 01:18 PM
      @Karl Burgin Deal, Donny. You can be my campaign manager!
    4. Karl Burgin posted on 06/12/2014 01:27 PM
      @Angry Bill Who's Donny?
    5. Angry Bill posted on 06/12/2014 03:57 PM
      @Karl Burgin Beats me. Who are you?
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