GTA to see record high gas prices this weekend

Price climbs above May 2011 record

GTA drivers face a record high price at the pumps this weekend. tells Newstalk 1010 that the price of a litre of regular at most GTA stations will rise 2 cents a litre at midnight to 141.9.

That is the highest price the GTA has paid for gas, beating the previous May 2011 high of 141.1 a litre for regular.

Part of the price hike is blamed on rising oil prices thanks to unrest in Iraq.

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  1. john posted on 06/13/2014 12:00 PM
    nothing to see here people move along .
    1. Mark7 posted on 06/13/2014 01:43 PM
      @john The IDIOTS voted in the criminal Fiberals AGAIN! That is why.
    2. HP posted on 06/13/2014 02:26 PM
      @Mark7 What does an Ontario political party have to do with the international price of oil, the conflicts in Iraq and Ukraine, and the federal taxes on refined oil products?

      Our gas is still cheap compared to the rest of the world, if you think our prices are high today, wait until Ontario raises it's gas taxes to help reduce our debt. Hudak would have been like an alligator in our wallets, thank god that the Liberals won.
    3. Mark7 posted on 06/13/2014 04:50 PM
      @HP Look here small minded one. I shall explain for you why.

      FACT: Alberta has more oil than Saudi Arabia. Why have we not built our own refineries (creats jobs), and processed all our own oil? We do not need ONE DROP from anyone.

      FACT #2: Canada is the country with the largest amount of natural resources in the world. We should therefore by far be the richest country on earth. That is without many decades of criminal Fiberal mismanagement.

      What is the criminal Fiberals excuse for this over decades, AND what is your excuse to have no thought processes?
  2. JohnH_6636 posted on 06/13/2014 04:32 PM
    Good thing I now use Metropass and fill up in two weeks instead of one.
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