Scarborough Teacher Charged With Sexual Exploitation

Police say Matthew Elms had a sexual relationship with a teenage student.

Toronto Police have arrested a Toronto teacher for allegedly having a sexual relationship with one of his students.

Police say 39-year-old Matthew Elms is a teacher at Bendale Business and Technical Institute in Scarborough.  It’s alleged he became involved with a female student under the age of 18.

On Friday, Elms was arrested and charged with sexual exploitation.  He has been released on bail with conditions that forbid him from being in a position of trust or authority over anyone under 18-years-old.

Matthew Elms has been teaching with the Toronto District School Board for 14 years and has also taught at Martingrove Collegiate Institute.  Investigators fear there may be more victims.

Anyone with information is asked to call Toronto Police.

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  1. Mark7 posted on 06/13/2014 06:37 PM
    The criminal Fiberals got voted in again by the brainless ones. This creep has nothing therefore to worry about. The Fiberals always are bleeding hearts for the criminals over the victims.
    1. Alex posted on 06/13/2014 06:40 PM
      @Mark7 You insensitive jackass, don't you see that the teacher is the REAL victim here? He's clearly suffering from a mental disorder causing him to be attracted to children; imagine living like that! No, we as a society must make ourselves more accomodating to his affliction; we should legislate that children must wear burkas at all times to avoid exciting him.
    2. Mark posted on 06/13/2014 11:06 PM
      @Mark7 LOL... your joking right???
    3. john posted on 06/14/2014 10:44 AM
      @Mark what u expect form a liberal voter . thay dont give a shit about kids
  2. Bill posted on 06/14/2014 07:46 AM
    No Mark7, he sounds like twinkle toes Justin Trudeau.
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