What do YOU do when stuck in bad weather?

4 people struck by lightning in GTA, so how do YOU stay safe?

4 golfers were struck by lightning on Tuesday north of Toronto, a reminder that bad weather can be dangerous.

It has some wondering how exactly to stay safe when that bad weather approaches.

According to Environment Canada there is no safe place to be outside in a thunderstorm, so if you can hear thunder go indoors or into a vehicle (one with a metal roof, a convertible or soft top vehicle won't keep you safe).

While inside, don't use a telephone that's plugged into the wall and avoid sinks, tubs, showers, electrical devices, and doors and windows.

It will be safe to return outside 30 minutes after the last rumble of thunder is heard.

If you are trapped outside with nowhere to go stay away from things that are tall, like trees, poles, and wires and avoid water.

The safest place to be is low lying ground and Environment Canada says you could also crouch (but don't lie down).

Groups should spread out, to decrease the chances that multiple people might be struck.

It's estimated that about 10 people die in Canada each year as a result of lightning strikes and 100-150 are hurt.

The power of a lightning strike is enough to stop your heart and cause burns.

If you are struck, survivor Mike Utley says "neurologically you're shot."

"You've got amperage going through the body (and) it screws everything all up...balance, personality, mood,  trying to grasp for words, that kind of stuff happens."

Once a person is struck the energy moves through their body towards the ground and that can damage your muscle tissue and lungs.

Utley was struck by lightning in Cape Cod in 2000 and survived in part because his friends performed CPR. Environment Canada advises anyone that see someone struck by lightning to call for medical help and to administer CPR if breathing has stopped.

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