TDSB fires workers and brings in new policies

152 construction and maintenance workers have been fired or disciplined

Nearly two years after a Toronto Star investigation showed a lot of slacking and outrageous costs for maintenance and construction work at Toronto public schools, the TDSB says it has fired or disciplined 150 construction and maintenance workers.

52 of those workers have been dismissed for what the TDSB is calling "time theft".

The board has also made substantial policy changes to way things get done in the schools.

The new policy will allow caretakers at schools to take care of small tasks (such as installing a pencil sharpener) themselves.

Instead of workers jumping from school to school to perform small jobs, work orders are now being bundled so that all jobs are done at once. This would hopefully trim down costs.

The board is also making moves to make sure everything is properly documented and has installed tracking devices on board vehicles, to make sure workers are where they say they are.

The initial investigation showed the board spent $143 to have a worker install a pencil sharpener, and more than $1100 to another worker for hanging a few pictures in a school. Other costs that made heads turn included, $2,442 to install a whiteboard and $3,000 to install a plug outlet in a library.

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  1. LetsBFair posted on 06/18/2014 09:20 AM
    That's great, every company has bad seeds that ruin it for everyone.
    In house workers are a small part of the problem at the school boards though.
    In school boards they hire outside contractors, the ones that build new schools or do additions or that do specefic repair jobs that inhouse workers aren't equipped for.
    These outside companies that are hired cut corners and do shoty work and get paid six figures from the boards. Problems aren't solved and they continue to give work to these same contractors??
    Then there is another problem.... schools can only order "board approved" items ..from pylons to tv's to even clocks/sharpeners.. They're ordered from a company that overcharges and marks up a low quality product. You could walk in to your local dollar store or Walmart and litterly save hundreds of dollars and get the exact same or an even better product.... but its not allowed. These companies that markup/distribute the products are profiting from the taxpayers everyday.
    Ask any teacher or principal and they will tell you.
    Its time to Stop attacking the unions/workers and look at the big picture and the higher ups...if you really want to save the big $$.
    1. This Is What You Wanted posted on 06/18/2014 11:28 AM
      @LetsBFair It's time to privatize all schools systems and healthcare and make every one of u responsible for your own person. It's called 'personal responsibility'.
      Why do Liberals and NDP''s think that money just falls from the heavens?
      Someone has to pay for this sh*t and it doesn't make any sense that the guy two doors down with no kids has to pay for the girl two doors up with 4 kids from 4 fathers to send to school.

      Wynne thinks this is fair but I good people think its a FRAUD!
    2. AC posted on 06/18/2014 01:32 PM
      @This Is What You Wanted absolutely brilliant!!
      privatize health care and education!
      Is that until one of the manjacakes in your family needs costly special medical needs that Ohip doesn't cover or you have to be hospitalized for weeks. should we send the bill directly to you?
      you sound like the typical conservative that bitches about everything but the first call you make when you get sick or hurt will be to government offices looking for what you can get... at others expense
      i don't have kids either but someone paid when i went to school how about you? maybe you didn't go to school not sure.
      thanks! now i know why i've never voted conservative and never will
    3. This Is What You Wanted posted on 06/18/2014 02:29 PM
      @AC The Conservatives in this province and this country don't go anywhere far enough. They have supported socialist programs for years and are as guilty as the other parties.
      We need to tear down these money wasting institutions and go private with firms that will run lean and mean.
      No more wasting money on this or that service because there are not enough people to justify it JUST GET RID OF IT! People will move to where ever they need to. You don't see the Rogers Centre being build in Moosonee do you? Why? Because it doesn't support the population base. If someone there wants to go to a big stadium then they travel. If it doesn't pay for itself then it doesn't make any sense now does it?
    4. lisa posted on 06/18/2014 04:55 PM
      @LetsBFair You make many good points. We must end all waste and sinecure.
    5. sade posted on 06/22/2014 06:12 PM
      @This Is What You Wanted Great policy - I would suggest that first of all the men ( fathers) who produced those 4 children take responsibility once and for all and pay for their own offspring or start using condoms.
  2. This Is What You Wanted posted on 06/18/2014 09:35 AM
    Why not make the teachers do the work? I'm sure they all don't call someone in at home every time the lawn needs mowing. And what are the kids doing during detentions? Why not get those bad kids to install pencil sharpeners. They can't all be 100% useless.
    But all this could cause a problem for Wynne and she will have to look for new ways and things to SPEND, SPEND, SPEND on.
    1. Sonny posted on 06/18/2014 11:41 AM
      @This Is What You Wanted A teacher's job is too teach that is why we have custodians and maintenance staff. Detention is a time punishment for misbehaviour which you Cons would want to use as child labour. Education is under provincial jurisdiction.
    2. dama posted on 06/18/2014 02:17 PM
      @This Is What You Wanted It took the School board 2 years to give approval for caretaker to install a pencil sharpener, and you think it is legal for students who are on detention to do some school task??

      It is not in the teacher's job description to hang a picture of premier Kathleen Wynne in the hall way.. it HAS to be done by UNIONISED worker at $60 an hour.. even if I want to do it at $11, the School board cannot get ther approval.. now yo know why the TDSB cannot balance its book..
    3. MS posted on 06/18/2014 03:15 PM
      @Sonny This is the "out of the box" thinking that we need at the school board level. Scrap the rules. Give the shop kids a project that involves helping accomplish a job for the school and they can earn marks. The union monopoly must end.
    4. carpenter posted on 06/25/2014 10:14 PM
      @This Is What You Wanted I assume you must have any children in school that you need to be concerned for the the safety of. Yes it is only a pencil sharpener but what other jobs do you deem anyone is qualified to do. The people that are employed to service our schools always have thought about the wellfare of anyone the could be endangered by any type of improper repair or installation. It is easy to critisize these tradesmen and the people who have hired them. That said, there has been past misuses by people who have been dealt with. Know this, on a whole the people that are there care about being cost effective and try to give safe enviorment to each and every student
  3. Frankie posted on 06/18/2014 09:49 AM
    If there are no consequences then people will repeat the same actions. Hopefully this sends a signal that there needs to be respect for the employer (taxpayer).

    Too bad Ontario voters sent the wrong signal to the Liberals. They were punished for "stealing", wasting several billions, bribing unions with higher wages, etc. by receiving a majority.

    Congratulations to the dumbest people in Canada
    1. Sonny posted on 06/18/2014 10:15 AM
      @Frankie The Liberals received 1% more of the vote. It was Hudak and the TEA party approach that you like that lost 4%
    2. This Is What You Wanted posted on 06/18/2014 10:22 AM
      @Sonny You say that like it's any sort of validation for the results of the election.

      The PCs said "We have termites eating our home's foundation, the windows need re-caulking, and the porch is on fire. We have to cut back on our dessert budget to get the money to fix these problems."

      The Liberals said "Termites need to eat, and fire is basically a living thing if you think about it. Let's have an ice cream party!"

      And we chose the ice cream party while the house falls apart.
    3. MarkFromEtobicoke posted on 06/18/2014 11:13 AM
      @This Is What You Wanted "And we chose the ice cream party while the house falls apart."

      That, of course, is the problem with the PC Party and its supporters. They made claims that the house is falling apart when anyone with eyes can see its in pretty good shape. So yes, lets have ice cream and let the Liberals continue to improve things. Meantime, PCs need to quit with the BS, Ontario is not buying.
    4. Frankie posted on 06/18/2014 12:29 PM
      @MarkFromEtobicoke "pretty good shape" you say??

      Ontario debt is 5X that of California per capita. Debt has more than doubled since Liberals came to power. Rating agencies are poised to downgrade Ontario meaning that interest costs will increase. Dwight Duncan even warned Sousa and Wynne they were going down a dangerous path with their spending.

      If you call that "pretty good shape" you need an education in simple economics.
    5. MarkFromEtobicoke posted on 06/19/2014 04:10 PM
      @Frankie Ah yes, the bogus claims of the fraudulent Frazier Institute, i.e. the conman contractor who is trying to scare the homeowner into doing unnecessary work.

      “It’s comparing apples and oranges, essentially,” said Derek Burleton, deputy chief economist at TD Bank on the Frazier institute claim.

      Fortunately, the "homeowners" of Ontario saw through the PC scam and set them packing.
  4. john posted on 06/18/2014 10:49 AM
    hoooollllleeeyyyyshhhiiiitttt union members getting fired ! WOW i never heard of that before . WTF ! . dont worrie thay will be back again on the job soon .
  5. Karl Burgin posted on 06/18/2014 12:17 PM
    They fired only those guilty of "time theft", doing personal stuff on company time. Hey, I do it all the the web, post from work and get paid for doing it. Nobody can fire me because I'm just too good for my job and I steal because I'm entitled to my entitlements. Do all brown people steal? You bet we do! And we deserve every penny.
    1. john posted on 06/18/2014 01:16 PM
      @Karl Burgin nice try donny p . u are not him i know it and we know it . not fooling anybody .
  6. This Is What You Wanted posted on 06/18/2014 12:31 PM
    We should be looking at privatizing all school systems. Not just eliminating one public board such as the Catholic Board. By privatizing the government would not be in conflict with the constitution since all public education could be collectively scrapped. Not any different than garbage pickup.
    Healthcare is another area that needs to be moved to the private sector. Maybe then the people who sit on their @sses will get up and get a job instead of eating chips and watching the TV all day. Just how many Judge Judy's can one watch anyway?
    1. john posted on 06/18/2014 01:30 PM
      @This Is What You Wanted i got a better ideal .

      1th we got to get rid of the liberals do a complete investigation into all thay did when thay were in power .

      2nd we need to get rid of unions have them registered as a terrorist group and then band them form Canada .
  7. This Is What You Wanted posted on 06/18/2014 01:56 PM
    The private sector will always out perform the public sector. Everyone knows this but there are those 'sacred cows' that even those who know better (in their hearts), want to touch. Tradition is all it is. Healthcare and education should be on the chopping block.
    Privatize them, sell of the assets and eliminate the deficit and let the private sector reign. Let healthcare providers, education providers and beverage providers all compete for your dollar. Very simple. Very effective. There is so much more to do. The public libraries are becoming a thing of the past with the internet. You don't expect the tax payer to pay for your internet do you? Why would you expect the same to pay for your expensive library?
    There is no difference between the healthcare, education or liquor store monopoly except the service provided.
    1. This Is What You Wanted posted on 06/18/2014 01:59 PM
      @This Is What You Wanted "....(in their hearts), don't want to touch."
  8. em posted on 06/18/2014 04:51 PM
    You've obviously never been sick in the US and without insurance. They just turn you away. We had that system here until the 1960s and a lot of people died. No thanks.

    Good U.S. studies now show that you can provide good all-in care for less than $4500. Let's reform, get smarter, bring in alternative therapies, especially where they get better results for less, head off illness altogether and minimize chronic diseases. With medicare reform, pharmacare and dental care coverage would be no brainers.

    We need psychologists for mental health. Chiropractors instead of those hip and knee surgeries that will not help. Naturopaths to head off heart disease, etc. without toxic meds and thereby preserve organs which Big Pharma happily kills off.

    By properly managing medicare and using it only when needed (ie when alternative therapies would not assist) , the public would be far healthier, side effects and organ transplants would plummet and health costs saved would easily fund good quality mental healthcare for all who need it.
  9. Fred posted on 06/18/2014 08:56 PM
    Just fire all the Skilled Trade Council workers. They are inept and corrupt along with that Jimmy Hazel guy.
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