WATCH: Cheating death in Markham

Hydro poles knocked onto cars as a severe storm blew through an area of Warden north of Steeles...

As was the case in Angus, it's remarkable that no one was killed when bad weather hit Markham Tuesday night.

On Warden north of Steeles, strong winds and pounding rain brought down about ten hydro wires, snapping them in two and crashing to the ground, with heavy wires landing on cars and some poles smashing windows.

The drivers of almost 30 cars were trapped on Warden once the poles came down, which one driver said happened pretty quickly.

Two drivers tell Newstalk 1010 the heard thunder and then one of the poles cracked in two and fell towards the ground, starting a chain reaction.

Henry told Newstalk 1010 it was like a bomb went off and he thought he was going to die or get seriously burned.

A 911 operator told him to stay in his vehicle and he spent about a half hour inside until it was safe to come out.

The cleanup is expected to last into at least Thursday as all available Powerstream crews will work around the clock to remove cars and fallen poles from Warden, before putting up new poles and re-energizing the line.

Police said NB Warden may re-open sometime Wednesday, but there was no timeline to re-open lanes heading south.

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    Courtesy for Rey Mena

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      1. Sheraz Siddiqui posted on 06/18/2014 03:02 PM
        Hi, Sorry to hear what happen with this storm. but it is time now to bury these for good instead of putting post on there again. Thanks
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