WATCH: OPSEU claims other unions 'sold their souls' to back Liberals

Smokey Thomas says people were afraid of Tim Hudak

Most union members were so afraid of having Tim Hudak as Premier, they voted in the Liberals.

That's according to the head of the union representing public sector employees who claims other unions sold their souls to stop the Tories election plan to cut 100,000 of public sector jobs.

But Smokey Thomas supported the NDP, claiming he read the Liberal budget that triggered the election and it wasn't progressive enough.

He says he doesn't trust Kathleen Wynne when it comes to contract negotiations and how they will affect public services. Thomas says Wynne plays the game well, calling it a "blood sport," but she says he doesn't think she's being honest with Ontarians.

He claims the Liberals need to get privatization of the public sector under control since it goes against her claim of being the "Social Justice Premier."

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  1. Liberal crap posted on 06/19/2014 02:13 PM
    Unions have no souls. They'd slaughter their own children if it meant a short-term payoff, and probably follow it up by going on strike to protest the sudden disappearance of their family.
    1. Mark posted on 06/19/2014 04:35 PM
      @Liberal crap They'd slaughter their own children??? Really? Hmmm...
    2. Liberal crap posted on 06/19/2014 04:38 PM
      @Mark It's in line with all of the other unethical and short-sighted actions unions will take for a quick payday, and their tendency to complain about the consequences.
  2. Don Andrews posted on 06/19/2014 02:25 PM
    You give a normal person a gun with six bullets, and tell them it's for self defense ONLY and that they should only use it in an absolute emergency. A normal person will put the gun and bullets away and hope they never need to use them.

    A union member will immediately shoot you and the next five people he sees, then go on strike to protect his God-given, constitutionally-protected right to six free murders per year (plus one more each year for inflation)
    1. Mark posted on 06/19/2014 04:37 PM
      @Don Andrews Really? Looks like another one that's gone off the deep end... lol
  3. john posted on 06/19/2014 03:30 PM
    no thay did not sell their souls to the liberals thay sold their souls to the devil witch is the liberals .
  4. GET READY posted on 06/19/2014 03:40 PM
    With Wynne saying there's no money in the budget for public sector raises, get ready: If she's telling the truth for once in her miserable career, we've got four straight years of strikes and job actions to look forward to. Start making arrangements!

    Brush up on first aid, self-defense and fire safety for when the EMTs, police and firefighters strike; find out where your nearest farmer's market is if you need wine during the LCBO strike; figure out how you'll get to work when your area's transit takes their turn, et cetera.
    1. GET READY posted on 06/19/2014 03:47 PM
      @GET READY For the transit strikes, I suggest carpooling with your co-workers. Even if you can't take a turn driving, you can offer to pay a larger share of the gas to make up for it.
    2. Mark posted on 06/19/2014 04:40 PM
      @GET READY Oh no! The sky is falling. Yes I'm sure each and everyone of them will go on strike.
    3. Get Ready posted on 06/19/2014 04:49 PM
      @Mark The unions bought the election for the Liberals, and now Wynne says she won't live up to her end of the bargain. What are these mafias-with-a-family-friendly-name going to do? They same thing they do every time they don't get what they want when they want it, Pinky: Throw a red-faced, screaming temper tantrum.
  5. tanjo posted on 06/19/2014 03:47 PM
    If Smokey Thomas really thought the NDP had a chance of winning this election, then his members should be firing him immediately. What he is really ranting about is the fact that he is not going to have an easy ride during the next round of negotiations.

    On the more positive side, if Smokey Thomas is not happy with the budget, maybe it is not so bad afer all.
  6. David posted on 06/19/2014 04:00 PM
    There is a story and a movie called The Devil and Daniel Webster. A New England farmer sells his soul to the devil. He regrets that later and he gets the great statesman and orator Daniel Webster to represent him at a legal proceeding to persuade the devil to release the farmer from the contract. Daniel Webster wins and the farmer is free of the contract.

    So union Liberal supporters who is going to be your Daniel Webster?

    When are you going to learn that the Liberals are liars and cannot be trusted? At least Tim Hudak was honest about what he was going to do.

    I am rubbing your nose in this and I am enjoying every minute of it.
    1. Mark posted on 06/19/2014 04:42 PM
      @David Who is Hudak. Oh yeah, he's the guy who is taking his ball and going home after losing the election...
    2. Mark7 posted on 06/19/2014 04:59 PM
      @Mark A childish and typical leftie reply because you have nothing better to offer, son.
    3. Dean posted on 06/19/2014 05:02 PM
      @Mark7 Just like the entire election campaign: Wynne and her cronies did nothing for forty days except attack the PCs.

      The problem is that Ontario voters are so boneheadedly stupid that the "childish leftie replies" worked. People are afraid of change, even when it's change for the better.

      Oh well. We can take small comfort in the fact that a Liberal government causes as much pain for their supporters as it does for everyone else.
    4. Mark7 posted on 06/19/2014 10:34 PM
      @Dean Thumbs up
  7. Dean posted on 06/19/2014 05:19 PM
    Ontario voters are not very bright. They voted Wynne in along with other misfits such as Ford. It matter not what political party they vote for as long as the candidate is a square peg in a round hole
    1. Dean posted on 06/19/2014 05:21 PM
      @Dean With all his faults, at least Ford is failing in the right direction. The more city services we privatize, the less of a stranglehold unions will have on our daily lives. Wynne's goal appears to be to both increase that stranglehold AND antagonize the crooks with their hands around our necks, until our heads just plain pop off.
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