Ottawa makes changes to 'temporary foreign workers' rules

In areas with high unemployment, businesses won't be allowed to apply for temporary foreign workers...

Employers in places with high unemployment won't be allowed to apply for temporary foreign workers in the lowest wage and skill groups in the accommodation, food service and retail sectors.

That's one of the changes to the controversial program announced Friday by the Conservative government.

A cap is also being placed on the number of low-wage temporary foreign workers an employer can hire at each worksite: 30 per cent of a worksite's employees starting immediately, dropping to 10 per cent by July 2016.

Employers who are currently under the cap will not be allowed to hire more temporary foreign workers in order to reach the limit.

The cap will not apply to employers with fewer than 10 workers or to short-term, non-renewable positions.

Employers will also be required have to re-apply every year for approval to hire low-wage temporary foreign workers, instead of every two years. The fee to apply for approval, called a labour market impact assessment, is being increased to $1,000 from $275.

The government also says it will post the number of temporary foreign workers approved every quarter, along with the names of companies that get the green light to hire them.

Employers who hire temporary foreign workers must promise not to lay off any Canadian workers or cut their hours, and they must tell the government how many Canadians applied and were interviewed for jobs, along with why they were not hired.

The program will now be based on provincial wage levels instead of the government's national occupational classifications. Low wages are defined as anything below the provincial median; high wages are anything above it.

The amount of time a low-wage temporary foreign worker can work in Canada is being reduced to a cumulative total of two years from four years.

The government is also lifting its freeze on hiring temporary foreign workers in the food-services sector.

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  1. KenUBelievit posted on 06/20/2014 02:19 PM
    Giving all our well paid manufacturing jobs away to China and Mexico wasn't enough. Now the government wants to give away the minimum wage jobs that were left. I guess Canadians just aren't supposed to have a job.
    1. dama posted on 06/20/2014 02:42 PM
      @KenUBelievit and China and other rich companies are buying up all the resource companies from Canada.. too
    2. We get what we ask for posted on 06/20/2014 03:06 PM
      @KenUBelievit If you're angry about manufacturing, talk to the unions who drove the prices of those manufacturing jobs far above what standing at an assembly line is worth.
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