WATCH: Premier tours tornado-ravaged Angus

No word on how much disaster relief funding community will get

Armed with a hard hat and steel-toed boots, the premier went to Angus today to take a look at a tornado-ravaged neighbourhood.

Many residents still can't go home; hundreds of people have been staying with family and friends after full-storeys were torn off and windows shattered.

Kathleen Wynne says it's a miracle no one was seriously injured, given it happened after work and school.

While Wynne won't commit to a specific dollar amount, she says provincial disaster relief funding is available. But she says most of the damage seems to be residential and will likely be covered by insurance.

Officials say the premier sped up the process to get electricity to these areas again.

Mayor of Essa Township Terry Dowdall says once lawns and backyards are cleaned up, damage can be assessed and residents can actually get inside their homes by the end of the weekend to take a look around and pack things up.

Some damage is so extensive, it will take months to repair.

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  1. john posted on 06/20/2014 10:35 AM
    man have they been through enough already ? first the tornado gos in there and destroys there houses all of the sudden tornado wine bag shows up . man i thought the twin tornadoes in the USA was bad .
    1. john's aunt posted on 06/20/2014 02:17 PM
      @john I just got off the boat from the island, john, and I see your mother is right.

      You haven't bothered to learn any English since I saw you the last time in 1998.

      Shame on you!
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