Are we getting more tornadoes?

Environment Canada says we average about 12 or 13 twisters every year in this province...

With three confirmed tornadoes in a little more than a week, it begs the question; are we seeing more twisters?

The answer to that question comes in two parts.

First, Peter Kimball with Environment Canada says there's been an increase in population and infrastructure, so we see more damage. The twisters and the damage is also being shared easier, through Twitter, Facebook and other social medias

He says that makes it easier for them to decide that a tornado has touched down rather than a really strong burst of wind.

"We use the number of about 12 to 13 as a statistical average." says Kimball, "but that's probably a misleading number because a lot of them in the past went undetected."

So why does it feel like the sky is falling?

Kimball puts it simply.

"You know, it's always going to feel like a lot more when you get two or three back to back and it could very well me a perception issue."

The good news for us is that despite the recent run on twisters, we're on pace for a pretty normal summer.

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  1. john posted on 07/07/2014 02:22 PM
    dont worrie it just god . he is pissed cause we put Katleen Wynne is in power . she is evil after alll .
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