Police call off 'active' search for aggressive dogs

York Regional Police say they have had no new sightings of the dogs that were growling and chasing people in Thornhill...

York Regional Police are no longer 'actively searching' for aggressive dogs in Thornhill.

The call was made on Wednesday after police didn't recieve any new calls about the animals or any new sightings.

Officers were called to Evergreen Cres. Monday afternoon for a report of two large coyote-like animals that were acting aggressively towards area residents.

Police say the animals chased several people into their homes and were fended off with a rake.

But cops eventually shot one of the animals, and believe it made have run off and died.

Officers say they are still going to keep an eye out for the dogs when patrolling in the area, but at this point are no longer actively searching.

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  1. tanjo posted on 06/25/2014 03:38 PM
    In related news, a mysterious rock labelled "Acme" has mysteriously appeared at the bottom of a nearby cliff, along with a parasol, copious amounts of fur and hand-held sign reading "OUCH !"
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