Teachers could get wage increases

Contract talks start up again this summer

It's the last week of school for students out there.

While that means camp and soccer for your kids, it also means teacher unions are rolling up their sleeves to start intense negotiations - which may actually give them pay hikes.

Education Minister Liz Sandals says wage increases aren't off the table - as long as they can find savings elsewhere. She suggests polling benefits plans would save money. Right now, each school board has its own package.

She stresses that she doesn't want taxpayers to pay more than is set aside by her ministry.

Sandals is optimistic talks will go smoothly, pointing to new rules in place in order to have "fair" collective bargaining.

Teachers' current contracts expire in August.

While Teachers' unions did not officially endorse one party over the other during the election campaign, they came out swinging against the Tories who were proposing public sector job cuts.

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  1. $288.1 billion in debt posted on 06/26/2014 05:40 PM
    Oh good, I was worried that Wynne might actually wait a little while before increasing government spending.

    Either there's some secret benefit to having a mind-boggling amount of provincial debt that she can see and the rest of us don't, or she's doing this maliciously.
  2. Gene Balfour posted on 06/26/2014 05:49 PM
    Legalized corruption in Ontario

    “Follow the money” was the advice offered in the motion picture movie All The President’s Men” – so I did !

    Where did all the money come from for the “anybody but Hudak” advertising campaign in the recent election that resulted in the surprise Liberal majority?

    A recent National Post article claimed that public service labour unions have amassed some $4,000,000,000,000 which served as an election war chest to prepare and disseminate Hudak attack ads. It has been also been reported elsewhere that spending for this purpose dwarfed all spending by the political parties combined.

    Question: how was this war chest amassed? Answer: By applying a tax upon taxes. To explain, all public servants’ salaries are paid from government tax revenues; union membership dues are also a form of tax since they are collected from each union member as a condition of employment – its not optional. Consequently, this $4,000,000,000,000 well from which the advertising payments were drawn came ultimately from all taxpayers. Yet, this money spend did not present the election preferences of all of the union members nor of all taxpayers in Ontario!

    Why is it legal for public service labour union leaders to use our own money against the taxpaying population at large? Its bad enough that we have elect Kathleen Wynne and her Liberals to exert majority control over the public purse when she has the “majority” support of fewer that 20% of voting-age Ontarians, but to give the same “tax and spend” powers to union leaders who have not been democratically elected by Ontarions is something that smells to high heavens!

    Let’s face the truth about the results of the last election – the “fix” was in place and was bought and paid for by public sector union money which was, albeit legal, a corrupt misallocation of taxpayers’ funds done solely to protect the narrow interests of the union leaders.

    So, what was a stake for these union leaders? Money – and lots of it! They feared that a PC government would cost them some 100,000 union members and their membership dues (aka ‘taxes” ). One of my neighbours, who is employed as a nurse for a government public health operation, recently told me that she pays about $1500 per year in union dues. If this number is anywhere near representative of individual union dues, then the collective annual loss that would result from eliminating 100,000 unionized public service jobs would be in the range of $150,000,000 - no small change! Even if my estimates are off by 50%, we are still talking about a huge incentive for union leaders to buy their preferred election outcome using the partisan, fear-mongering ad campaigns that they ran.

    Did the original authors of The Rand Formula in 1946 envision and anticipate the political payoffs gained by conferring on union leaders the powers to tax (forced union dues) its members and the freedom to spent in ways that benefit their political supporters? Or is this distortion of democracy just one more “unintended consequence” of a government decision gone wrong? In either case, it should have been rectified long ago!

    It is my hope that someone with more legal know-how than myself will take up the challenge to make this wrong right.

    Anyone up for a citizens’ class action suit against all the union leaders who spent any money on this recent election “fix”? Could be more interesting that gambling on horse racing ☺ and certainly more profitable for everyone who dreams of a true democracy in Ontario.
    1. Neo-T-O posted on 06/26/2014 07:52 PM
      @Gene Balfour Thats a wonderful story, but you should get your math right. Your repeated mention of the war chest is off by an order of magnitude.
      The NP reports 4 billion -you have 4 trillion in your story.
  3. Justin Robinson posted on 06/26/2014 06:03 PM
    Gene Balfour: I'll take a piece of that lawsuit action. The behaviour of big unions just continues to prove time after time that just because something is legal today, doesn't mean that it's ethical or should continue to be legal. Slavery used to be legal in otherwise-civilized countries; so was beating your wife.
  4. Why can't we posted on 06/26/2014 06:07 PM
    Why can't we as a society not be able to outsource education to places like India via two way satellite stream and internet communication? In fact, just as all customers service and IT support groups are outsourced then why does it have to stop there?
    We should outsource as much as possible and take advantage of these moderate income standards.
    1. $288.1 billion in debt posted on 06/26/2014 06:19 PM
      @Why can't we You're right on time! Ladies and gentlemen, may I present the smart-ass in every discussion about overpriced unionized labour who suggests that there is no middle ground between:

      1) Letting labour unions bend us over and rape us any time they want
      and 2) Third World quality-of-life.

      What a wonderful, nuanced viewpoint you bring to the conversation, Donny.
    2. This is a global economy. posted on 06/26/2014 08:13 PM
      @$288.1 billion in debt This is a global economy. If we can get services, education, and training via the net cheaper and better then why not?
      Have you not heard of online learning and education? Who says you have to have the same education model that is 100 years old.
      If you can not except change then go build a log cabin and live in the wilderness.
    3. Mark posted on 06/26/2014 08:45 PM
      @Why can't we Yes and while we're at it lets encourage the private sector to do the same. Lets out source every job we possibly can to third world countries. Oh wait! Then none of us would have jobs, including you!... Never mind.
  5. David posted on 06/26/2014 07:03 PM
    To everyone who voted for the Liberals. Bend over because you are going to get the government you deserve.

    Oink! Oink! Oink! The pigs are at the trough again.
    1. john posted on 06/27/2014 12:11 PM
      @David oh that's why there is pig shit all over the place .
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