Asbestos still being used in Canadian construction

Canada has never banned the use of the cancer-causing insulation material

Despite widespread health concerns about the presence of asbestos, pipes containing that substance are still being installed in high-rise buildings, new condos and hospitals in this country.

The Globe and Mail reports that unlike most other developed countries, Canada has never banned the use of asbestos; for export or domestic use.   

At issue is the use of asbestos-cement pipes.  

The newspaper says there are no accurate records to show just how many such pipes there are in Canada or where they are located.

That is critical information to have because, for example, if workers arrive to renovate a site unaware that asbestos-cement pipes are installed, they might not take the proper safety precautions.

Exposure to asbestos can lead to cancer and asbestosis, a chronic inflammatory lung disease that could be fatal death.

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  1. Herry posted on 06/27/2014 08:21 AM
    AND WHAT IS HARPER DOING ABOUT THIS ???? I worked in this field and this decision is absolutely STUPID !!!!!! Maybe harper should be forced to eat this krap ! He's proven over and over again that he's an idiot ! What a useless POS !!!!!
    1. HP posted on 06/27/2014 08:48 AM
      @Herry Ask his Minister of Labour, Dr. Kellie Leitch, a real doctor who should know. She sold her soul supporting the exporting of Quebec asbestos to third world countries to get her portfolio, she still supports the mining of asbestos, and supports Harper in not stopping the use of asbestos in Canada.

      Asbestos in Canada is now a political issue, not a health issue and even a doctor in politics refuses to comment on the issue. If you Google her you will see thousands of articles begging her to stop the use of this killer, but all you get is silence from her. Sadly, she gets elected in a Conservative riding so democracy doesn't apply to her.
    2. G Man posted on 06/27/2014 10:54 AM
      @Herry If failing to ban asbestos is wrong, then several successive federal governments (both Liberal and Conservative) have been wrong. This is not a new issue.
  2. Peter posted on 06/27/2014 09:45 AM

    These pipes are pretty well harmless. If you don't understand the application then anyone would feel threatened by just the words asbestos.

    - These fibers are inactive, not airborne.
    - The pipes are not for drinking water from.
    - There is no abrasive action on the surfaces of the pipe.
    - The pipes would be underground.

    Remember, where does asbestos come from? - the ground.

    Thank you NewsTalk 1010
  3. Frankie posted on 06/27/2014 10:45 AM
    Let's export asbestos to Islamic militants at a really really cheap price.
  4. john posted on 06/27/2014 12:52 PM
    i blame this on Katleen Wynne the devils daughter of satin after all . she wants everyone to die a horrible death . we had the chance to put her back in the hole she came out of but that did not happen . so now we got building being built with Asbestos .
  5. Suz58 posted on 07/03/2014 08:39 AM
    Why is Canada so behind on asbestos and health?
    I worked for a factory that made acoustical insulation for vehicles. Asbestos was used to bind and harden the materials. I have asbestos siding on my house, have to pay extra insurance because, although asbestos will not burn, when heated to high enough temperatures, it will turn to ash and become airborne. The US has all kinds of rules and regulations concerning asbestos and it seems that Canada doesn't give a crap unless it can make someone like insurance companies money. There are many parts in our vehicles, homes, buildings, yet we are told how dangerous it is.
    So tired of the government's double standards regarding chemicals and the secrecy behind what still goes on when they know full and well how harmful it is.
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