UPDATE: Mayor Ford makes first event appearance since his return

Mayor Rob Ford, as well as candidates John Tory and Olivia Chow, visited the East York Canada Day Parade this morning

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    Courtesy for Rey Mena

      Mayor Rob Ford was swarmed by a crowd as he arrived at the East York Canada Day Parade this morning. 

      Some were holding Ford Nation signs as the mayor posed for photos. 

      Wearing a red shirt, mayor Ford told reporters "it's absolutely fantastic" to be out and about today. 

      When asked how much weight he lost while at a treatment centre, Ford said, "I'm not getting into pounds." 

      "I know I'm under him now," mayor Ford said while laughing, referring to his brother, councillor Doug Ford. 

      Meanwhile, some haters came out to voice their opinion about Ford's return. A topless man circled the mayor at one point screaming, “You're a corrupt, lying, racist, homophobe. Answer the people's questions!”

      Ford ignored him and continued to smile and hand out business cards.

      When asked about his campaign and his recent drop in the polls, he said, “Polls mean nothing. The only poll that matters is on October 27.”

      Mayoral candidates John Tory and Olivia Chow were also at the parade. Tory, Stintz, Chow, and Ford plan to visit several Canada Day events throughout the day. 

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      1. NadineB815 posted on 07/01/2014 12:33 PM
        Nice to see Rob Ford out and about on Canada Day!!!
      2. Mark7 posted on 07/01/2014 12:38 PM
        Way to go Rob. The best mayor in my 51 years on earth. Now go get those leftie scumbags!
      3. thedragon posted on 07/01/2014 03:09 PM
        Great to have you back Rob and to have someone with a spine back to straighten every other spineless candidate out. Especially the privileged John Tory who has only his late father to thank for any job he has ever had.......cheers
        1. Sammy from Scarborough posted on 07/01/2014 07:43 PM
          @thedragon " the privileged John Tory who has only his late father to thank for any job he has ever had."

          And that's different from Rob the trust fund fat baby how?

          Well, at least Tory has managed on his own to gain directorships in many companies while Robbie was fumbling the minor operations at Deco label and making enemies out of most of the workers there.

          You are definitely a Ford Nation dummy.
      4. Keep wearing red posted on 07/01/2014 06:24 PM
        Keep wearing red Rob, so you have a job at Christmas time.
      5. Rond posted on 07/01/2014 09:45 PM
        Ford is a disgrace to Toronto, and if he truly cared about the city, his family, and his health, he would resign.
        1. Mark7 posted on 07/02/2014 12:09 AM
          @Rond Lefties in city council are the biggest disgrace. They should all resign.
      6. Mark posted on 07/02/2014 09:14 AM
        Funny Joe Killoran goes for a jog.
        Yells at the mayor and makes the blogs.
        Leftist Joe Killoran, typical teacher hog.

        Oh Joe Killoran, get a life.

        Now I will not support Rob Ford this time out, but I am also not a rabid child like little Joe Killoran. Hey Joey, you have kids ?? You sure set a good example, or is it your goal to have them turn out JUST LIKE YOU. Perfect.
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