Mistake forces TDSB to change locks at 140 schools

Information leaked out in a freedom of information request, which could cost $700 thousand.

The Toronto District School Board is paying 700 thousand dollars to fix locks, that aren't broken.

Contractors will be working all summer, replacing door locks at 140 elementary and high schools in the city, because of a leak of information.

The information was contained in a stack of work orders, 600 thousand of them, that were included in a freedom of information request put in by the Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail.

The lock pin codes, were accidentally released which would allow someone to take that information, visit a locksmith and get a key cut that could unlock that door.

"We realize at this point, there was an error in not fully vetting the information." said Shari Schwartz-Maltz, a spokesperson with the TDSB.

"We are rectifying that, in that we are going to make sure all of the locks are changed and that all of our schools are safe for our staff and students."

The question remains, why didn't they take the time to make sure no information like this was in those documents, before they were released.

"There was considerable criticism around the price tag attached to properly vet the information, which at the time was calculated to be around 3 million dollars, because of the volume of information." said Schwartz-Maltz when asked that very question.

The work at the schools should be completed over the summer months and the board says they are taking steps to make sure something like this never happens again.

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  1. tanjo posted on 07/03/2014 04:56 PM
    So, it sounds like they still come out $2.3 Million ahead ...

    Seriously though, $3 Million to vet information? And $700,000 for 140 schools is like $5,000 per school. I think TDSB still has some work to do.
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