DC Entertainment won't allow Superman logo on Jeffrey Baldwin's memorial statue

A coroner's inquest last winter into the death of five-year-old Jeffrey Baldwin heard that he loved the superhero during his short life.

DC Entertainment is refusing to allow the Superman logo to adorn a memorial statue of a Toronto boy whose grandparents starved him to death.

A coroner's inquest last winter into the death of five-year-old Jeffrey Baldwin heard that he loved the superhero during his short life.

Ottawa resident Todd Boyce was moved by Jeffrey's plight and wanted to pay tribute to the boy so he raised money for a bronze statue of Jeffrey to be made.

Boyce wanted to see Jeffrey depicted in a Superman costume, but DC Entertainment - home to the comic-book superhero - will not grant permission for the Superman logo to be used on the statue.

Boyce says he was angry at first, but now says what's most important is a fitting monument for Jeffrey.

He says the artist will change the Superman ``S'' to a ``J'' for Jeffrey.

DC Entertainment would not comment.

Boyce is hoping for a September unveiling and dedication in a Toronto park.

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  1. RaymondC_2 posted on 07/07/2014 06:50 PM
    How about this.
    If the statue is a bronze, buy a superman costume, carefully bronze it, so the Superman logo is visible, and put the bronzed costume onto the statue.
    Keep the receipts and docment everything.
    the statue is now wearing a commercially bought costume that has been bronzed.
    1. Frankie posted on 07/08/2014 01:54 AM
      @RaymondC_2 Yes, yes, yes...bronze the t-shirt. Brilliant!

      Hey, hey...Raymond...did you hear about the time superman was flying around the city one day, looking for something to do, when he spies something incredible?
      Well...with his x-ray vision he can see into Wonder Woman's apartment where she is completely naked and lying on her bed, writhing in pleasure, eyes closed, mouth open, and moaning loudly (...superman has super hearing). Pretty quickly, Superman is feeling pretty hot himself and soon enough he thinks to himself "Hell, I have superspeed, I could get in there, have my fun, and burst my super-load in a split-second. She wouldn't even know I was there."
      So, he flies in, thrusts, releases his load, and flies back out all in a moment. Wonder woman feels just a breeze and says "What was that???" to which invisible man replies "I don't know, but my butt sure hurts".

    2. Peter posted on 07/08/2014 09:00 AM
      @RaymondC_2 You hit a home run Raymond.
      . . . That's the solution or a variant of it that should be considered.
      You're a genius.
  2. joe posted on 07/08/2014 04:51 AM
    I know many child abuse cases and superman reference can imply that the child has been pushed down the stairs and flies like superman.
    Typical method by abusers to inflict brain damage.
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