TDSB releases new cost of fixing locks

Original $700,000 price tag raised eyebrows.

The Toronto District School Board says fixing a potential security breach that accidentally made the pin settings to locks in 140 school public will cost much less than originally expected. 

It was last week when it was revealed that Freedom of Information Requests made by the Toronto Star and the Globe lead to the release of detailed work orders performed by the board’s skilled trades workers’ union.  Some of the information released included the pin settings for the locks. 

Following the release the TDSB said it would have to spend $700,000 to reconfigure the pin settings.  That figure raised eyebrows given the board’s history of alleged misspending for certain jobs as well as shoddy record keeping.

The board now says that the security breach will cost around $160,000 to fix.  The Globe and Mail reports that the drop in price is due to the fact that the “lock information is proprietary to the TDSB and the supplier”.

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  1. john posted on 07/07/2014 10:21 AM
    whan thay start to get rid of useless overpaid underworked whiners unions will raise my eye brow
    1. tanjo posted on 07/07/2014 11:01 AM
      @john It's not the union specifically, it's the culture.

      We need to be constantly watching, through the media and elected politicians. Look what happens here. The information comes to light and the cost suddenly drops to, like 20% of the original.

      The good news is that the press and politicians are all on "high alert" for this type of thing. We need to continue encouraging this level of scrutiny at all levels of government.
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