WATCH: Impaired driving charge laid in multi-car crash near Promenade Mall

7 people were sent to hospital, a young man who has life-threatening injuries is charged with impaired driving

8 people were hurt in a 7-vehicle crash in Thornhill.
Photo: Katie Franzios/NEWSTALK 1010

York Regional Police have charged a young man involved in a violent, multi-vehicle crash near Thornhill's Promenade Mall.

Investigators believe drugs or alcohol were a factor in Thursday morning's crash.

An air ambulance had to be called in to take the accused to hospital.

He is clinging to life in hospital.

Authorities say the collision happened around 10:00am near Bathurst Street and Clark Avenue.

A total of 7 vehicles came together.

Police say in all, 8 people were hurt and a total 7 of them had to be taken to hospital.

An SUV could be seen leaning up against a light post with a car wedged under it.

Witnesses claim they saw a speeding vehicle in the moments before the collision.

Authorities want to speak to anyone who saw what happened.

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  1. Peter posted on 07/10/2014 03:23 PM

    This photo looks like another drone camera shot.

    I wouldn't be surprised if CTV do have a drone camera. It is a similar
    high up view that was used in the Man Trapped in truck with Hydro Lines
    story here.

    Some drone cameras are being used in sports, to fly over the football field
    while play is going on., but not NFL yet, - In the future maybe, once this
    catches on more.

    1. Nym posted on 07/10/2014 09:41 PM
      @Peter Wow, what a super relevant comment.
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