WATCH: Sousa questions Ford's budget criticism

The finance minister says Ford wants money for transit expansion

Ontario's finance minister scoffs at criticism of his budget by Toronto mayor Rob Ford.

Ford issued a written statement the day after the budget was tabled. While acknowledging the province is helping to pay for transit expansion in the city, Ford stated the Liberals are spending too much for a government dealing with a high debt and deficit.

Charles Sousa wonders why Ford is making that statement.

"He's asking for more money," Sousa said on Tuesday.

Sousa stressed there's $15 billion set aside in this budget for GTHA transit expansion.

He says the province wants to improve not only people's commutes but also help businesses transport products without having to deal with as much traffic.

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  1. Jon posted on 07/15/2014 04:45 PM
    Ford is trying desperately to stay in the news and he is looking more desperate as the days go by. We need a real leader running the city!
  2. Mike posted on 07/15/2014 04:57 PM
    Rob Fords opinions will mean as much in a few months as Tim Hudaks opinions mean today so really who cares what he thinks. Rob Ford will have much more to worry about. his real problems haven't even began and that's what will he do with the rest of his life after the election
  3. john posted on 07/15/2014 05:31 PM
    rob ford will forever live in my heart. he is a man u never forget, strong, charismatic, funny and focused on saving another billion dollars. i have pictures up of him everywhere at home and people think i am kind of not with it but i don't care what u think you people.
    1. john's Half Brother posted on 07/15/2014 06:30 PM
      @john What are you saying in English, illegitimate half wit (I mean half brother) ?
    2. john posted on 07/16/2014 11:15 AM
      @john's Half Brother man u are such a ass donny p
  4. sarsh J. posted on 07/15/2014 10:04 PM
    Toronto gives Queen's Park over 40% of its tax dollars. So therefore we want OUR MONEY to be used to fix provincial problems such as transit expansion and gridlock.
    Do it right now!
  5. snoza questions Ford's budget criticism posted on 07/16/2014 11:29 AM
    whats the matter snoza u afraid of a little criticism ? man what a pussy .
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