Premier concerned about PR stunts

Kathleen Wynne says she doesn't want public to be frightened

Kathleen Wynne says she's concerned about an advertising campaign for Shark Week which brought into question the safety of Lake Ontario.

The hoax video showed men catching what looks to be a shark while fishing. Experts and politicians weighed in on Wednesday, but the premier is cautioning everyone who creates advertising  for movies, events or even video games to use common sense.

Wynne takes issue with the fact that the video was up for almost a full week and may have frightened people.

She says the public shouldn't be terrified about what could happen.

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  1. Frankie posted on 07/17/2014 12:05 PM
    This Liberal party is much more frightening than a stunt with a plastic hark so if she's worried about the public being frightened perhaps she should adopt more of the Drummond report to improve our fiscal health.

    This nanny state nonsense is getting tiresome
    1. Ultimate Truth posted on 07/17/2014 12:21 PM
      @Frankie Can you hear it, Frankie?
      I'm playing the world's smallest violin for you and your sorehead Con chums.

      Would you like some cheese with that WHINE ?
    2. Frankie posted on 07/17/2014 12:42 PM
      @Ultimate Truth No thanks however, on behalf of all Ontario citizens, I'd like the $ 1 Billion back the Liberals "stole". Instead of a violin, how about a jail cell for the Liberals involved?
    3. tanjo posted on 07/17/2014 12:53 PM
      @Frankie Why is Wynne even commenting on this? Why was it even reported? Wait .. why am I commenting on her comment? Gawd, I need a life!
  2. tanjo posted on 07/17/2014 01:02 PM
    Okay, I am going to comment on this. The reaction to this story is a bit ridiculous, but there are YouTube hoaxers out there that do need to be dealt with.

    There is one in particular I caught my son listening to that calls employees at work claiming to be a customer or inspector or something, puts the well-meaning employing in a compromising situation (threatening to take it the head office or a regulator body or something) then starts making lewd or unreasonable requests, then posts their reactions to YouTube.

    If you really need to speak out against something, I suggest they put their energy into tracking down these characters, not the Discovery Channel. (Snuffy Lives!)
  3. Art posted on 07/17/2014 01:04 PM
    someone should be fired for these stupid stunts. the premier is bang on. just like the one last week or the week before for coors when traffic was totally effed downtown.
    what are they teaching in marketing school?
    1. Adam posted on 07/17/2014 01:49 PM
      @Art How does a video that pretty much was debunked a day about a small shark snagging a fish compare to a bomb scare or actually affecting traffic?
    2. Art posted on 07/17/2014 04:15 PM
      @Adam umm... not sure but probably leaving unattended packages these days post 911 that forced the closure of that intersection during rushhour is not a good idea. ya think?
      people might be a little inconvenienced.
      common sense was not shown at all. with the shark video also
      when you play games that concern the public unaware you're crossing the line in my opinion.
      i live close to that intersection maybe i was in a rush to get home.
      i'm not amused.
      screw Coors i hope they lose sales and no one watches stupid shark week
  4. john posted on 07/17/2014 02:28 PM
    the only thing scary is the liberal government . i will take the shark over her any day .
    1. dama posted on 07/17/2014 02:48 PM
      @john You are going to be in trouble for posting that.. with Ultimate Truth for he does not like what you are free to say or write for his is the CFRB 1010 internet police.. He has been after Frankie's arse.. Lol

      Back to topic: What shark ?? relax people.. it is plastic.. end of story.. whoopss is there a story here?
    2. john posted on 07/19/2014 12:50 PM
      @dama relax he is a troll and i eat them for breakfast .
  5. Dean posted on 07/17/2014 03:41 PM
    What I'm concerned about is the Liberal platform. Now matter how I look at it, I can't see who it's supposed to benefit.

    Not wealthy people, because they're looking at a big tax hike.
    Not employers, because they've got high hydro rates and a job tax to look forward to.
    Not the middle class, because the same job tax and hydro rates are going to make their lives difficult as well.
    Not the poor, because money for their welfare and social programs comes from the taxes paid by middle class people (who will be laid off to avoid the job tax) wealthy people (who will be leaving Ontario to avoid the tax hike) and employers (who will be leaving Ontario to go someplace they can still make a profit)

    Even the public sector unions who supported her are going to lose out, because the money that pays their salaries comes from the same sources that the poor depend on. So I ask you: who benefits?
    1. Frankie posted on 07/17/2014 04:11 PM
      @Dean The winners are the Liberal party who continually manage to outsmart their voters.
    2. dama posted on 07/17/2014 04:15 PM
      @Dean I agree with what you had stated.. who benefit?

      The Liberal politician.. they have jobs for the next 4 years.. with their benefits and fat pension when and if they lose their seat in 4 years time..

      The public union will benefit to a certain extent,.. if Wynne does not have to cut 100, 000 jobs so the benefit is that they still have a job.. unlike those manufacturing workers, when their factories were closed,

      The sad truth is, the Liberal wil kye the money.. rob Peter to pay Paul and what middle class were you referring to? There is no middle class anymore.. middle class used to be those earning 60 to 80K, now more than 100K.. is middle class

      With the OTPP(pension) kicking in 2017, companies will not be hiring a lot of workers, for it will be too expensive for them

      I have tightened my belt.. and training to live on love and fresh air..
  6. Ken posted on 07/17/2014 04:12 PM

    The Orville Reddenbacher premier is focusing on plastic sharks when the Ontario economy is tanking like a rock.

    Distract. Distract. Distract. Maybe people won't notice the province is bankrupt and heading for third world status.

    I wonder if Wynne-bag has visited Convicted liberal Joe Fontana. I'm sure she has promised him a cushy position after his 4 month holiday at home with the pool and spa are over. Pass the sunscreen!

    Wish the RCMP would take over the investigations into corrupt liberals. The Liberal Provincial Police just don't have the independence or desire to properly investigate their paymasters.

    By the way, how's the investigation into the child porn making Liberal deputy education minister going? More Liberal Provincial Police not doing their job?
  7. Mike Duffy posted on 07/17/2014 06:14 PM
    Mike Duffy for leader of the Conservative Party.
    1. CoffeeCon posted on 07/22/2014 04:36 PM
      @Mike Duffy Liberal 'Party'; suit fits much better! lol!
  8. Mark posted on 07/23/2014 07:40 AM
    The worst and most destructive stunt right now is twinkle toes air head Justin Trudeau. If that idiot ever gets elected watch the waste pile up and tax hikes beyond comprehension. So far, after almost 10 years, Harper has added to my pocket so I'll stay with that.
  9. Jake Stinson posted on 07/24/2014 07:47 AM
    With her hands flailing all over, she looks like a lunatic. With her sense of humor (NOT) she must be a ball at parties.
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