New app could help you win scratch lottos

Developer promises best bang for your buck in his ranking system

Rating scratch lottos may be the ticket to winnings.

At least, that's what one Western University engineering student is hoping those who play the lotto think. Chris Lange is behind the "Scratch This!" app for your smartphone, which ranks what OLG scratch tickets are more likely to have winners.

The Hamilton man says he just took information found on the OLG's website, compared the odds of winning to how many jackpots/prizes have been won and ranked the lotteries.

The more unclaimed prizes, the higher the ranking would be.

Lange is the first to admit it his app won't increase your odds of winning but stresses it's a helpful tool for those who play regularly and may not want to waste $4 on a lotto where there have been a lot of jackpots won.

The OLG isn't worried this kind of app will affect their revenues. However, spokesperson Tony Bitonti says they don't endorse it.

So far, this app is only available for Android phones but Lange says he's looking to expand to not only iPhone technology but to cover other provinces as well.

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