Charges dropped against four in Project Traveller probe

Includes the man who tried to broker the sale of the first Rob Ford crack video

Four of the 60 people arrested in the Project Traveller drug investigation have had the criminal charges against them dropped. 

This includes Mohamed Farah, the man who tried to broker a sale of the original Rob Ford smoking crack video to the Toronto Star and the American website Gawker,  a deal that never transpired.

He initially faced five charges including possession of a firearm, possession of ammunition and proceeds of crime.

The Globe and Mail quotes a spokesman for the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney-General as saying "the Crown has a duty to assess a prosecution at every stage of the proceedings, and is duty bound to withdraw charges if there is no reasonable prospect of conviction, or if it is not in the public interest to proceed."

Project Traveller primarily targeted the Dixon City Bloods gang in north Etobicoke.  Wiretaps shoedd some of these alleged gang members had ties to Mayor Ford and were boasting about having a lot of photos of Ford using drugs.

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  1. Suz58 posted on 07/21/2014 08:18 AM
    I'm glad that I live in the Beaver Valley, home to Rob Ford's favourite food. Not only am I safer here, we have the best beaver in Ontario...succulent little hairy things. When Rob finds out, he'll be up here lickety-split. Should tell his wife he's hiking the Bruce Trail but do the beaver tails. Yummy.
  2. Sonny posted on 07/21/2014 10:17 AM
    What is interesting is that they spent so many resources scooping up the Dixon City Bloods. Also got Lisi and the Dry Cleaner just not Ford?!
    I'd like to remind Ford Nation that Rob & his Exec. gave Police a 11.4% raise over 4 years...
  3. john posted on 07/21/2014 12:15 PM
    so what is the point of the stupid op in the first place .
    1. MarkFromEtobicoke posted on 07/21/2014 01:22 PM
      @john Duh! To lay guns and drug charges against the remaining 56 suspects.
    2. Karl Burgin posted on 07/22/2014 12:45 PM
      @john MARK FROM ETOBICOKE is right, that it was to infiltrate and prosecute gun-wielding gangs.
      The problem is that the media focused on the 2% Ford aspect of this- when the 98% of what the operation was actually about, largely remained unreported.
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