No charges for a Toronto cop involved in November shooting

The Special Investigations Unit says they have found no reasonable grounds to charge the officer...

No charges for a Toronto Police officer involved in a shooting last November.

The Special Investigations Unit has concluded there are no reasonable grounds to charge the officer with any criminal offence.

It was a domestic dispute at an apartment on Kipling, that sparked the shooting.

Investigators found that the suspect pointed a knife at the officer and started walking towards him.

With his gun pointed and shouting at the man to drop the weapon, he wouldn't.

It was when the officers back reached the wall, and with the suspect not stopping, the cop fired twice, hitting the man in the hip and the chest.

The SIU says the officer involved turned over his notes, and was interviewed during the investigation.

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  1. Bill R posted on 07/22/2014 12:59 PM
    Of course SUI finds nothing. They never do. Any citizen doing the same thing would be charged with, at the very least, use of excessive force.
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