Ford Fest will go on, despite complaints

Toronto's Ombudsman says there have been lots of complaints coming her way already...

The annual Ford family BBQ seems to be drawing the ire of many around Toronto this year.


Fiona Crean, the Toronto Ombudsman says they are going to push the complaints they receive over to the Integrity Commissioner, and so far, there have been lots.

Most of the issues surround the fact that it's being held in Thomson Memorial Park, which is a public park in Scarborough.

Candidates are not allowed to host campaign style events in public places.

Community events are allowed up until August 1st of an election year.

"It is a tricky situation because anything that is held during this period, someone can point to it and say this really wasn't meant for the community." said municipal law expert John Mascarin.

But he says the Fords and councillors shouldn't be cancelling events in their home ridings, or really anywhere in the city.

Mascarin says "Should they be a little bit more cautious? Yes, they should. Should they preclude all sorts of these activities? No, I don't think that's the answer."

Both Rob and Doug Ford have promised, this will not be a campaign stop.

The penalty for breaking the code of conduct in this case could range from something as simple as a slap on the wrist, to docking a councillor's pay.


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  1. After this year, posted on 07/23/2014 07:06 PM
    After this year,Ford Fest should be able to return to Fords back yard to hold all 30 or 40 people who show up.
    1. Dawn posted on 07/23/2014 07:41 PM
      @After this year, Rob should not be allowed to use the park given in the previous times dating back to 1995 when his father was the host was in a private backyard.
  2. AdrianoC1981 posted on 07/23/2014 09:15 PM
    The people who are complaining about the Fords hosting a free barbecue for people should really give their heads a shake. Why would anyone in their right mind wine about anyone, not just the Fords throwing a free party. Grow up and stop being crybabies. They've had these events for years and all of a sudden it becomes a great issue. The thing is that John Tory and Olivia chow would never and I mean never spend any of their own money on peasants like me or yourself and they actually realize that Mayor Rob Ford has a genuine love and appreciation for the citizens of Toronto. Let them have the party. If you don't agree with it, it's simple. DON'T GO!!! But for the love of god, stop trying to ruin it for everyone else. I guess it's true what they say "Misery Loves Company". So if you're one of those miserable people who complained about Ford Fest do us all a favour and get over yourself, I'm sure your not perfect. NOBODY IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1. So what we are hearing posted on 07/23/2014 09:43 PM
      @AdrianoC1981 from you is that there will not be any campaigning since those are the rules. It's all about hosting a free barbecue for people.

    2. AdrianoC1981 posted on 07/23/2014 09:56 PM
      @So what we are hearing Who really cares if he is campaigning? The candidates are always campaigning. Let John Tory or Olivia Chow throw a big party for the people and let them campaign too. It's not going to affect the election. The citizens of Toronto are already aware that Rob Ford has a big heart. Anybody and everybody is invited to this party. Maybe you should go and attempt to leave your misery at home. Have a good time, enjoy life for once. John Tory and Olivia Chow have every opportunity to throw a similar event but if they can't use our money to pay for, chances are they're not going to use their own.
    3. art posted on 07/24/2014 01:22 AM
      @AdrianoC1981 the answer is pretty simple to your question if you can just leave out your partisan position for a second.
      there's rules do's and dont's about using your own wealth or family wealth to try and gain an advantage. others might not be in a position to do the same.
      I really don't care Ford will just sing to his base. won't change the fact that's it over. let him have his fun.
      ha..I still don't believe a magnet won't be handed out for self promotion
    4. Karl Burgin posted on 07/24/2014 09:28 AM
      @art The real crux of this issue, is that you people are threatened by the fact that Ford is so popular.
      If Ford wasn't a threat, this wouldn't be an issue. This isn't about rules and regulations. This gathering has been going on for years- probably during the times when Doug, Rob and the father went into politics and earned their positions.
    5. arthur posted on 07/24/2014 10:12 AM
      @Karl Burgin popular with whom? his base of 15% of the cakes who live in the burbs?
      have it in mommy's backyard where you always have had it.
      your 50 supporters with nothing better to do will still go
    6. Karl Burgin posted on 07/24/2014 10:16 AM
      @arthur Last year's Ford fest had about 20,000 people. Please read:

      I'm sure, with even your basic mathematical skillset, that is a much bigger number than 50 people.
    7. tanjo posted on 07/24/2014 12:24 PM
      @Karl Burgin Okay. 20,000. Let's use that as a benchmark to compare his rise / fall in popularity on Friday.
    8. Karl Burgin posted on 07/24/2014 12:30 PM
      @tanjo Maybe...but whether the number rises or falls, Ford would still get more people together than probably Chow or Tory put together.

      On a side note though, here I thought Ford was supposed to be divisive- not bring people together. Heck, maybe even the shirtless horde will attend.
  3. Mark posted on 07/24/2014 06:47 AM
    Come to my party and I will give you free food. Then maybe you'll vote for me. Democracy at its best. Toronto continues to be a joke of a city - it is only fitting that we continue to be lead by the worlds biggest (fattest) joke!
    1. Karl Burgin posted on 07/24/2014 09:30 AM
      @Mark Don't hate the player son- hate the game.
      If the other candidates are so worried about Ford fest, then go and hold your own. Don't complain because you can't connect with people.
    2. Art posted on 07/24/2014 11:28 AM
      @Karl Burgin I wouldn't associate with Ford supporters. Not my kind of people.
      I appreciate intelligent people. like Chow and Tory supporters
      they're going to be watching this event like a hawk to make sure he doesn't eff up.
      I'm surprised some will give up Friday night bingo to attend
    3. Karl Burgin posted on 07/24/2014 12:26 PM
      @Art I wouldn't associate with anti-Ford cry-babies.
      That may have no hope of winning. So they keep cutting away at Ford, hoping that it would affect him somehow.

      Instead of being innovate- and coming up with some festive of their own- that are within the rules of course.

      But don't worry ART. A lot of the news media were down at Ford fest last year. And I'm pretty sure they will be attending this year as well. They will probably be the first to let you know if Ford broke any rules.
    4. dama posted on 07/24/2014 12:45 PM
      @Karl Burgin You are right about last year's media attendance, Friendly Fire
      ; Ryan Doyle and John Downs did their broadcast.. at the Fest

      I guess they didnt have any issue associating with the Fords even tho they are rather critical of them..
    5. john posted on 07/24/2014 02:28 PM
      @Art lol chow as about as intelligent as a drunk homer Simpson .
      Tory has NEVER won a election . so why hang around .
  4. dama posted on 07/24/2014 07:27 AM
    I am going...

    shoot ... no beer !!!!!!

    still going ..
    1. Sonny posted on 07/24/2014 10:00 AM
      @dama I suppose the free food & a "pop" will be enough to buy Ford nation votes
    2. dama posted on 07/24/2014 10:04 AM
      @Sonny hey.. no, we cant talk about campaign and vote.. not allow by the rules.. so . yes going for free food and take a few pictures with Rob and Doug Ford..
    3. arthur posted on 07/24/2014 10:07 AM
      @dama why on gods earth would you give up a perfectly good friday night to hang out with these psycho manjacakes?
      take in the beaches jazz festival. more fun
    4. dama posted on 07/24/2014 10:10 AM
      @arthur ya, I will swing by the jazz festival after my free food.. thanks for reminding me..
    5. Karl Burgin posted on 07/24/2014 12:28 PM
      @arthur What is it with you and manjacakes?
      What does that even mean? I remember somehow here giving the definition- but it was so unimportant, I must have glanced over it.
    6. john posted on 07/24/2014 02:20 PM
      @arthur hmm u are a liberal voter so .........

      as for me i will be there first thing . that day .

      FORD RULES . CHOW CHOW SUCKS . end of story .
  5. justsaying posted on 07/24/2014 11:00 AM
    The main issue here is that this is being held in a public park - no where near his home, no where near his base, his business or family, rather in the heart of Scarborough, where he is trying to buy votes with food.

    According to the rules, if he even acknowledges that he is running for mayor at this event, he'd be in trouble.

    Of course, breaking rules and then lying about it is just par for the course with the Fords.

    But then why hold the event at all?

    If he didn't want to stir up drama - then he'd hold this on private property.

    He wants drama - and Will no doubt break the non-campaigning rules.

    So I say - "No, Mayor Ford. You may not campaign in my park to serve food to citizens whose votes you seek to buy with a burger. Unless all the other candidates can too - at the same time - at the same park!"

    According to the Fords, Ford Fest's purpose is to give thanks to the city of TO for their support? Then keep it private and you are off the radar - but they just can't... can they?
    1. justsaying posted on 07/24/2014 11:19 AM
      @justsaying If I had held parties in my backyard for my friends for decades and let's say I have hundreds, or even thousands of them....and then I run for public office.... Does that give me the right to use public land for my party? Even if it is open to any and all comers? Can members of the public secure a public park for political gain? The Fords sure can and have

      This is the disconnect that the Fords feel they are entitled to take - over common sense. ....making drama and news, though their bad always...
    2. Jim posted on 07/25/2014 08:02 AM
      @justsaying You are as bad or even worse than what you accuse Ford of being. Anyone can apply for a permit to use a public park. A permit will be granted to anyone as long as the criteria are met. As far as it being a campaign event, can't really say until it happens. You don't like Ford, so even if the rules are being followed you will jump on him. Try a brave concept, objectivity. Which means shut the f up until the rules actually are broken. Then if they are clearly and identifiably broken throw the book at him.
  6. tanjo posted on 07/24/2014 12:45 PM
    I have no problem with Ford handing out free food, or with the goodwill it would generate with people that may be trying to decide to vote for him. Whether or not it is a campaign event really becomes a technical argument. I would look at:

    (1) Does he declare the costs as a campaign expense (i.e. Is he monumentally stupid) ?
    (2) Does he accept donations at the event, and do they go to the campaign (i.e. Is he monumentally stupid AND cheap?)
    (3) Does he give away, or sell, his "Mayor Ford" kitsch, expecting us to believe that because it doesn't say he is running for mayor that must mean it is not campaign material (i.e. Does he think WE are monumentally stupid?)

    Even if he does, the only value I see in it is that we get to see Doug's histrionics as the complaint goes through the Integrity Process.
    1. Dawn posted on 07/24/2014 02:23 PM
      @tanjo The answer; it IS a campaign event that the City did not stop.
      In 2010, Ford Fest 1, 2 & 3 and the "free food" were campaign expenses!
  7. john posted on 07/24/2014 02:07 PM
    lol LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL nice try chow chow i told u before she is NDP . that are nothing more then day dreamers . thay will never get in power . notice if u will non of the other candidates have not even touched that issue .
  8. Suz58 posted on 07/24/2014 05:14 PM

    I may live in Flesherton but I love the fat guy even more than Mike Duffy.
    1. Suz58 posted on 07/25/2014 10:53 AM
      @Suz58 At least I don't hid behind someone else's ID an try to make people think these are my words.

      Only a coward plays sock puppet puppetry! You know there is no truth about what you say so you use others' IDs to make a fool out of yourself.
    2. SockPuppet58 posted on 07/25/2014 11:03 AM

      Now I feel all tingly like my bud Karl does when he has Robby fantasies.
  9. Karl Burgin posted on 07/24/2014 05:16 PM

    I may live in Brampton but I love the fat guy. Wish he would run in my town.
  10. Loving it posted on 07/24/2014 05:53 PM
    If you think that a politician like Rob Ford can do this much damage to the reputation of a city in four years, imagine what can be done in eight years!

    Hoping to lower this city to the lowest level possible, elect Rob Ford!
  11. Suz58 posted on 07/25/2014 10:45 AM
    "It is a tricky situation because anything that is held during this period, someone can point to it and say this really wasn't meant for the community." said municipal law expert John Mascarin.

    Lol...does the name FORD and tricky have a certain ring of reality and truth to it?
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