Report to be released on use of lethal force by Toronto police

The report was commissioned by police Chief Bill Blair after the shooting death of Sammy Yatim

Police Chief Bill Blair commissioned the report

A former Supreme Court of Canada justice is to release a report today from his investigation into the use of lethal force by Toronto police.

The probe by Frank Iacobucci was sparked by the killing of a teenager on an empty streetcar last summer.

The report comes amid a lawsuit by the family of 18-year-old Sammy Yatim against the officer who shot him and another who tasered him as he lay dying.

Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair asked the former justice last August to take a broad look at how officers interact with people in crisis and to come up with recommendations.

The report will, among other things, analyze ways of reducing the use of lethal force by police _ especially when it comes to responding to calls involving people with emotional or mental difficulties that may require urgent care.

It is to make 84 recommendations covering a wide area ranging from training and policies to equipment, supervision and oversight.

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  1. Mark posted on 07/24/2014 06:50 AM
    IMO Toronto and many other cops are bullies and in the streetcar case with the kid they are incompetent killers. Toronto cops strip search people for no reason which in itself must be a horrible experience to go through. I guess the cops giggle like children while this is done.

    The people they killed who have mental health issues is purely a result of impatient cops who, like children, rush to action when it is not needed. Whats the rush cops ??? Is it so important that you hang out in a parking lot munching on donuts that you cant do you f-ing job properly.

    I have lost all respect for cops.
  2. dama posted on 07/24/2014 07:21 AM
    I believed there were reports with one thousand and one recommendations of police lethal use of force that had been gathering dust somewhere on top of a other words.. recommendations not implemented..

    Now this report after the Sammy Yatim's incident, I hope and I really do, that Bill Blair wil work on it and implements the 84 recommendations.. else, it will be another waste of my (tax payer's) money..
  3. Jim posted on 07/24/2014 08:14 AM
    What a bunch of weak kneed, spineless jellyfish we have in Toronto. You can not reason with irrational or disturbed people. So do the cops wait until an innocent bystander is killed? If the cops had done nothing and someone had been stabbed you'd be crucifying the cops for not acting sooner.

    So grow a set. Accept that when you pull a weapon on crowded street car bad things are going to happen.
    1. Frankie posted on 07/24/2014 11:32 AM
      @Jim Agree based on your scenario however various videos showed police with their backs to him which suggests he wasn't that much a threat. If he no longer was an immediate threat to those on the streetcar they could have taken their time to restrain him. I also believe tasering him after his being shot was their way of creating a false story such as we tasered him first and then shot him. Would have been interesting had the cops not known about the videos before creating their "story".
  4. don was right posted on 07/24/2014 09:32 AM
    If Blair and the uunion think that Forcillo was right in killing this kid, and teh other namesless droid was right in tasering his dead body, then release the bus and police car cam video. Otherise we know they are all a bunch of liars trying to save their own a**es. And should be fired. Or maybe worse.
    1. Jim posted on 07/24/2014 10:08 AM
      @don was right Are you always so ignorant?

      We have due process here. The officer has been charged and will stand trial. The video will be shown then. Until that time it is inappropriate and possibly illegal to release it.
  5. Frankie posted on 07/24/2014 11:26 AM
    After a family member was threatened by a cop's son and the police refused to charge that man, instead charging my family member for nothing my attitude is all cops are corrupt (ie. cover for each other) until they prove otherwise.

    I used to donate to police for many years. Never again!
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