Statement released by Sammy Yatim's father

Nabil Yatim has released a statement marking the one-year year anniversary of Sammy Yatim's death

Nabil Yatim has released a statement marking the one-year year anniversary of Sammy Yatim's death.

On July 26, 2013, Sammy Yatim was holding a knife on an empty streetcar on Dundas when he was shot by police eight times.

The incident led to weeks of protests and eventually, second-degree murder charges against the subject officer.


"One year ago today, on Friday July 26th 2013, my son Sammy went out to meet some friends. He never came back.

The You Tube videos captured what happened in the last few moments of his life. Those videos show what happened that night, how his situation was mishandled, and the excessive response to those horrifying few moments.

Why was he shot so many times? Why was he tasered as he lay dying on the floor of that streetcar? These questions continue to haunt me. No parent should have to live through what I have endured. My family and his friends still suffer. I miss him every minute of the day. I will do everything in my power to help create change in how the police respond to these situations.

Sammy did not deserve to die this way."

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  1. Suz58 posted on 07/26/2014 10:20 AM
    Mishandled is an understatement!

    Unfortunately, we lost a young life to learn to invoke change in the way police deal with psychological disturbances in individuals.
  2. Dean posted on 07/26/2014 05:19 PM
    Here's a statement for Sammy Yatim's father: If your son hadn't boarded a streetcar with a knife and started screaming and waving it around, he would not have been a danger to the public and he'd likely still be alive. Would you prefer that the police just release the next armed crazy person they find?
    1. Mark7 posted on 07/26/2014 05:44 PM
      @Dean He was alone on the streetcar and no danger to anyone but himself. They could have just closed the doors and waited for him to calm down.

      The police allowed Rob Ford to drive drunk, stoned, maybe cause the death and beatings of people close to him, and did nothing, yet they shot this kid 8 times. Perhaps you should think before you hit "submit".
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