Doug Ford: ''I'm not scared of any legal action''

City councillor stands by words in spat with Toronto Police Chief

Councillor Doug Ford isn’t afraid of Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair taking legal action against him.

Doug Ford told Newstalk 1010 on Sunday, “I’m entitled to my opinion and I’m sticking by my opinion.”

Councillor Ford had accused Blair of leaking information to the Toronto Star about an impending subpoena for Mayor Rob Ford to testify at the extortion trial of long-time friend Sandro Lisi.

Doug Ford told reporters on Friday, "Releasing a subpoena to the media before they release it to the mayor, you wonder why we need a change at the top." This week Toronto Police Services Board decided not to extend Blair’s contract as chief beyond April 2015.

Doug Ford also suggested the leak was “payback,” but didn’t explain for what.

Blair responded to the accusations through a statement on Friday: “Doug Ford is lying, and I am prepared to take legal action.”

On Saturday, Doug Ford seemed to back off and told the Toronto Sun that “I wish it didn’t even happen, to be honest with you.” He also went on to wish Chief Blair “all the best.”

Speaking with Newstalk 1010 on Sunday, Doug Ford scoffed at the suggestion that he was backing down out of fear of being sued. “Believe me, I’m not scared of any legal action because I didn’t say anything wrong.”

Newstalk 1010 legal analyst, Edward Prutschi, said that’s not the case. “He can try to weasel out of it by saying it’s his opinion, but your opinion still needs to be an informed opinion.”

Prutschi adds, if Doug Ford is deliberately telling falsehoods that undermine the chief’s reputation then “he’s in jeopardy.”

Newstalk 1010 has reached out to the office of Chief Blair to ask if he will move forward with legal action but has not yet received a response.

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  1. Ron posted on 08/03/2014 01:34 PM
    As reported by CP24 - since his initial bluster the fool Ford now seems to have had a change of heart as he's tries to get his foot out of mouth. I hope Chief Blair doesn't let him off the hook - sue his ass off.
  2. Doug Ford posted on 08/03/2014 01:55 PM
    Doug Ford has as little credibility as his brother does.
  3. I'm not scared posted on 08/03/2014 02:17 PM
    ''I'm not scared of any legal action''~Doug Ford

    This is the type of statement someone who is not 100% would come out with.
    Of course someone who is more on the ball wouldn't get in these type of situations.
  4. Karl Burgin posted on 08/03/2014 03:52 PM
  5. When is Doug posted on 08/03/2014 04:44 PM
    When is Doug Ford and Rob Ford going to publicly apologize to the Toronto Star reporters whom they both knowingly slandered?
    1. Ron posted on 08/03/2014 04:51 PM
      @When is Doug Kudos to the Toronto Star for their tenacity and persistence in disclosing the fools Fords for what they are.
  6. dan posted on 08/03/2014 08:39 PM
    I don't like Fords but it seems to me the more you guys ride them they get more popular stop talking about them and they will go away
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