Brampton council votes to send audit to cops

City Council wants the police to see if there were any criminal wrongs committed...

The mayor of Brampton, reportedly Canada's highest-paid municipal politician, broke expense rules more than 250 times by spending more than $130,000 on items such as business-class flights, premium hotel rooms and cellphone IQ quizzes, an audit has found.

The audit of several years worth of expenses by Susan Fennell turned up $172,608 in spending that breached city policies, although $41,027 was repaid.

A further $156,000 of expenses may have broken rules but auditors did not have enough information to make a determination.

In a statement, Fennell said she accepts much, but not all, of what the audit found.

``I accept responsibility for all that I do as mayor of Brampton, positive and less positive,'' she wrote Tuesday.

``If there are changes that need to be made, I will make them. And I will work with my colleagues on council to ensure that they, too, accept responsibility for their shortcomings.''

Among the Deloitte audit findings, Fennell racked up $220 in cellphone charges for 44 IQ quizzes. The mayor told the auditors the wireless company would credit her account for the quizzes.

Brampton is Canada's ninth largest city but Fennell, who was paid about $232,000 last year, earned more than any other civic politician in the country, according to documents obtained by the Toronto Star.

Several expenses of concern were related to flight passes the mayor and her staff used for travel to Federation of Canadian Municipalities meetings. The cost exceeded the economy-class fare paid by councillors flying to the same meetings.

The auditors found several instances in which an average trip using a flight pass cost more than $1,000 above the average price of a single ticket. The audit also found $4,685.68 in expired flight-pass credits.

Fennell, who is running for re-election in the Oct. 27 municipal election, said flight passes represented the best available fare for their travel requirements, and provided flexibility with cancellations and schedule changes.

Fennell flew business class to London, where Brampton was a finalist in the World Leadership Awards for Town Planning in 2007, at a cost of $3,950.37. She said the travel was approved but offered no supporting documentation.

During two Federation of Canadian Municipalities meetings in 2009, Fennell stayed in premium hotel rooms that cost more than city-approved rates, the audit found.

At one meeting in Victoria, she stayed in a $369-per-night room, while an employee at the same hotel stayed in a $169-per-night room. Fennell stayed in a $509-per-night room at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler during the federation annual conference. An employee in another room paid $299.

Auditors also noted several large cellphone bills , as high as $1,156 per month, due to international calls, roaming and data charges that might have been avoided by, for example, using international calling packages.

The audit identified a further $155,952 in expenses that may have violated city rules but the auditors did not have enough information.

For example, the mayor's office pays $45,000 per year for an on-call limousine service but there were no reports on how often the service was used or for what purpose, so the auditors could not say if the use complied with city policy.

The mayor flew to North Bay, for $866 for the funeral of an employee's father-in-law, which the auditors deemed ``questionable.''

The auditors did clear Fennell in several other instances.

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  1. KenUBelievit posted on 08/06/2014 04:25 PM
    Two predictions.
    1. Fennell will not be convicted of any crime. She is behaving exactly how Canadian politicians behave.
    2. The sheep of Brampton will re-elect this lowlife.
  2. Timbo posted on 08/06/2014 05:30 PM
    She won't be elected this time. Going to jail
    1. dama posted on 08/08/2014 01:44 PM
      @Timbo She is hoping that voters will be stupid enough to re-elect her again..
      just like the recent provincial election...

      "Susan Fennel broke expense rules more than 250 times by spending more than $130,000 on items such as business-class.. etc etc"

      I hope the reports is sent to the RCMP or OPP and with expense rules broken 250 times, she needs to be found - guilty. anything less is telling that it is ok for politicians to cheat the tax payers's money..

      Heck, she is the highest paid mayor and yet she needs to use the taxpayer's money for I quizzes?

      cant help this. just have to add this in: Rob Ford NEVER did what Susan Fennel did....

      Susan Fennel needs to go..
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