Comet to possibly reveal the secret to earth's history

Space probe Rosetta has been flying for 10 years, trying to catch up with the comet... and it finally has...

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    Courtesy for Rey Mena

      Scientists are calling 2014: The year of Rosetta.

      The European Space Agency's probe has reached a comet, after nearly a decade of travel through space.

      Now that it has finally reached its destination, the probe has been able to capture close up images of the comet, while travelling at more than 34 thousand miles per hour around the sun.

      The next step will be for the probe to deploy a lander on the surface.

      That will be done by shooting harpoons into the surface of the rock.

      The probe will then study the plume of gas and water vapour that will boil off and trail behind as the comet nears the Sun.

      If the chemical signature of hydrogen in the tail matches that found in water on Earth, it will strongly suggest comets created the oceans when they smashed into the planet billions of years ago.

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