Locomotives from Lac Megantic derailment sold at auction

Sold upward of $200,000 each

Dozens of locomotives once owned by the railroad responsible for last year's deadly derailment in Lac Megantic, Quebec have been sold at an auction in Maine.

Auctioneer Adam Jokisch says 35 locomotives sold for anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000 to upward of $200,000 apiece on Tuesday.

Jokisch declined to provide an auction total.

All but seven locomotives were owned by Montreal, Maine & Atlantic Railways, which went bankrupt after a runaway oil train exploded and killed 47 people in Lac Megantic.

The auction will help pay back $3.7 million owed to Maine-based Bangor Savings Bank, which had liens on 24 of the locomotives.

The auction was supposed to include the lead locomotive from the train that derailed, but it was pulled from the auction at the request of Quebec Provincial Police.

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  1. Justin posted on 08/06/2014 07:23 AM
    The photo of oil tanker cars shown under the headline of locomotives sold at auction is a bit misleading but I admit it does draw one's attention more than would a photo of a string of train engines. One thing that did bother me about the photo was the danger associated with these tankers and I reflected on the Lac Megantic tragedy. The second thing that came to mind was the ever-present danger of these cars rolling through a public area and reminded me that every single day of the week, such a situation exists right here in the GTA. One only needs to visit the Clarkson GO train station in Mississauga where thousands of commuters gather daily to catch a train to Toronto or Hamilton and, while waiting, are just meters away from these tanker cars being continually shunted back and forth. I guess it all boils down to whether a commuter train station should be located dead center in a freight yard? Is it really safe? Methinks the opportunity for some dangerous event is much more a possibility than that of the incident at Lac Megantic - not to mention the Mississauga train derailment on Saturday, November 10, 1979. Just thinking!
  2. don was right posted on 08/06/2014 08:44 AM
    The freight trains were there long before GO. Megantic woudl not have existed without that train track. But you are right. The bars in megantic should not have been bult right next to the track. Clarkson still has a bit of industry, but mississaugans are probbaly woprking hard to put up condos there
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