UPDATE: Doug Ford apologizes to Chief Bill Blair

Councillor Ford says he would like to put the issue behind them. The Chief has yet to accept...

Mayor Rob Ford's brother has publicly apologized to Toronto's police chief for comments made earlier this month.

Councillor Doug Ford's retraction of his comments comes two days after Chief Bill Blair filed a defamation notice against him.

The councillor suggested two weeks ago that Blair helped leak information that police were preparing to subpoena the mayor in an ongoing investigation as ``payback,'' although he declined to elaborate on what he meant.

At the time, Blair said the councillor was lying and warned he was prepared to take legal action.

Doug Ford says he ``personally called'' Blair this morning to offer his apology and to take back what he said.

Blair's legal action against Ford was a personal pursuit and did not involve taxpayer money.

But a spokesman for Toronto's police chief says Bill Blair isn't yet accepting an apology from Mayor Rob Ford's brother.

Mark Pugash says the apology does not meet the terms of a notice of defamation served on Doug Ford because it was not worked out with Blair and his lawyer before it was issued.

Ford, a city councillor, told reporters at city hall he decided to take the ``high road'' two days after Blair filed a defamation notice which demanded he take back his words in an agreed upon forum.

Pugash says that while Ford called Blair to say sorry, he did not provide a written version of the apology and retraction to be sent to Blair's lawyer as agreed.

The spokesman says the notice of defamation remains in effect until that is done.

Ford had suggested two weeks ago that Blair helped leak information that police were preparing to subpoena the mayor in an ongoing investigation as ``payback'' -- without elaborating.

At the time, Blair said Ford was lying and warned he was prepared
to take legal action.

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  1. Suz58 posted on 08/13/2014 01:02 PM
    How nice, Doug Ford is going to take the high road? Does that sound sincere or even like an apology? It is high time the Fords paid consequences for their actions.
  2. StuG posted on 08/13/2014 01:08 PM
    I'm sorry chief for being born a Ford and for being a coward.
    I'm so sorry!!
  3. Fact Provider posted on 08/13/2014 01:17 PM
    This so-called apology should not be accepted by Mr. Blair.

    Here's hoping Doug can find someone with at least a modicum of basic English skills to write a better one to the chief.

    Otherwise, Doug will find himself in court with both feet planted firmly in his mouth as usual.
  4. SophieK_1215 posted on 08/13/2014 01:36 PM
    If the accusation was public then the apology should be as well. He should apologize in a public press conference AND the personal phone call.
    1. Stephen posted on 08/13/2014 03:26 PM
      @SophieK_1215 Actually the apology has to follow the instructions as set out in Blair's lawsuit, it is to include a public apology as well as a written version submitted to Blair's lawyers for approval.
  5. Sully posted on 08/13/2014 03:04 PM
    Nail the horse's arse to the wall, Blair. You're leaving soon, with more money stuffed in your pockets than you need. You've got nothing better to do, so rake this d-bag over the coals.
    1. Suz58 posted on 08/14/2014 09:18 AM
      @Sully I agree Sully! It is high time (no pun intended) that the Fords were exposed for who they really are! Their apologies tend to throw the onus back on the people or person they are apologizing to. It is typical of people who think they are perfect and cannot take responsibility for their actions. It is the same as apologizing with the phrase...I am sorry you feel that way.
    2. AbbyW posted on 08/14/2014 09:42 AM
      @Suz58 Apologies worked for the Liberals. They "stole", they mismanaged billions, they lied, then apologized and people voted them in a majority. Fords must think they're equally immune.
    3. Suz58 posted on 08/14/2014 09:54 AM
      @AbbyW I hear you Abby!
      I really do think they think they are above the law. You could tell by that so called apology that it was not sincere and was just a way to possibly keep him out of court.
      Is there any truth at all in politics or politicians?
  6. Ronecol posted on 08/14/2014 09:56 AM
    Regardless when or how this buffoon apologizes - public, private, written and/or verbal - you know it's not sincere. He doesn't have and never had a consolatory moment in his bullying lifetime. His body language says it all.
    1. Suz58 posted on 08/14/2014 10:59 AM
      @Ronecol So right! When your words do not match your facial expression, body stance and motions, who does he think he is fooling?
  7. Angry Bill posted on 08/14/2014 10:09 AM
    Demanded apologies like this mean nothing, except for the person who is being forced losing face. That's what it's all about. The actual truth of the situation means nothing. In politics, truth rates far down on the list of things that are considered important.

    Something was leaked... Doug blamed the chief for the leak. The chief got all political and demanded an "apology". See what he did there? He doesn't have to address the leak. So either the chief is unscrupulous and did the leak himself, or he is incompetent and someone who worked for him did the leak.

    I agree that Doug isn't sorry, and no amount of forced written apologies for legal reasons will make him sorry. Being legally forced to write an apology wouldn't make anyone sorry, so this is really a very pointless exercise, with no purpose other than to fire political shots at each other.

    Must be nice to have so much money that you can devote your life and energy to such useless pursuits.
    1. Suz58 posted on 08/14/2014 10:56 AM
      @Angry Bill Couldn't agree more Angry Bill!

      What saddens me is the fact that there is no respect, morals and ethics in anything anymore, especially politics.

      We all know there is no love lost between the Fords and Chief Bill Blair. Should these "professionals" not be big enough to put their personal feelings aside and do what is best for the City?

      It is a pretty sad day when we go to the polls and cannot decide on who to vote for due to the childish games and lack of trust that the politicians are not going to follow their election promises. When we start seeing members of council and the Mayor going head to head with other elected officials, we have a real problem!
    2. Ronecol posted on 08/14/2014 11:12 AM
      @Angry Bill Have I got this right? You're saying either the chief leaked the information or he's responsible for it being leaked which is ludicrous when any number of hundreds of people could have leaked it - the chief being the least likely. And you're also saying the chief then should have just ignored Doug's public groundless defamatory accusation because it's just politics - which is equally ludicrous.
    3. StuG posted on 08/14/2014 11:36 AM
      @Ronecol angry bill must think the Fords can continuously shoot their mouths off without any push back.
      i would of not demanded an apology. i would of went straight forward with the defamation.
      these 2 idiot brothers have to be taught a lesson.
      i would of went a step further but the chief is a better man than me. much better man.
      i would of gotten one of my undercover boys to quietly have a little word with Rob when no one was around.
      Rob this is for your ****sucker comment. then quietly smashed his effen teeth in. But chief Blair is to honest and professional unlike myself
    4. Fact Provider posted on 08/14/2014 11:43 AM
      @StuG Your sentiments are shared by many.

      Sadly, if you live by thuggery, you should be dealt with through thuggery is a feeling that many hold.

      I don't share the sentiment ... but I sure as hell understand it when it comes to any dealings with that moron of an almost-mayor.
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