Union to file grievance over handling of bomb threat at City Hall

The president of CUPE 79 says Mayor Ford put people "at risk"

Monday afternoon's bomb threat at Toronto City Hall has prompted action from CUPE Local 79. The union sent out a press release detailing their plan for action against the way the bomb threat was handled.

The union's president, Tim McGuire says they will file a grievance, asking the Ministry of Labour to investigate the events and the process with which, it was handled.

See the press release below:

The president of Canada’s largest local union is pledging to use ‘every tool at our disposal’ to identify why a ‘complete breakdown’ in city policies followed last Monday’s ‘bomb threat’ incident at Toronto City Hall.

“Our members are entitled to expect and have every right to expect a structured, rational response to threats, particularly when those threats could have an impact on their well-being,” said Tim Maguire, president of Local 79 of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE 79).

“Hundreds of CUPE 79 members work in Toronto City Hall. When incidents such as bomb threats occur, there are well-established policies and procedures – ones that are compliant with the prescriptions set out in the Occupational Health and Safety Act – that are supposed to govern how they are dealt with,” he added.

Early Monday afternoon, the Ford brothers told media that a bomb threat had been e-mailed first to Councillor Doug Ford’s office, then to Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly’s office, resulting in police and bomb-sniffing dogs sweeping City Hall.

“From the moment media were first alerted to the existence of a purported bomb threat, there flowed a complete breakdown of policies and procedures to deal with such threats,” said Maguire.

“It is not acceptable for policies governing employee health and safety to be infected by the same flagrant and casual disregard for the rules that seem to be a way of life in some quarters of City Hall these days,” he added.

Today, CUPE 79 intends to file a policy grievance and will assist individual members who wish to file individual grievances against the employer. Additionally, the union will be asking the Ministry of Labour to investigate the events of last week to determine if the city adhered to its own policies and whether the Occupational Health and Safety Act was in any way violated.

“We will also be requesting a report on the events of last Monday be produced by the Joint Health and Safety Committee. Taken together, these steps will hopefully provide the opportunity to reconstruct the events of last Monday to ensure such a complete breakdown of city health and safety policy never happens again,” said Maguire.

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  1. AbbyW posted on 08/15/2014 11:59 AM
    Another tactic by the "pigs at the trough" trying to create negative publicity for Ford because they desperately want Chow to win so they can become even larger pigs.

    Hope citizens see through their nonsense, also hope citizens vote Tory
  2. Jack posted on 08/15/2014 12:06 PM
    What a load of garbage. Rob Ford goes public about a bomb threat: he gets crucified for being reckless. If he'd kept quiet about it, someone else at City Hall would have leaked it, and he'd be getting crucified for being reckless.

    If Rob Ford saved a drowning woman with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, you idiots would be calling for her to press sexual assault charges.
    1. StuG posted on 08/15/2014 12:16 PM
      @Jack does Rob look like he can swim or do CPR?
      Rob can't spell CPR.
      do you really think police services thought it was a good idea for Rob to read the note in public without their knowledge or approval?
      or was it all about to play politics with it for sympathy from doinks like you?
    2. dama posted on 08/15/2014 01:37 PM
      @Jack damned if you do and damned if you don't

      Rob Ford can do no right.. and you are right on sexual assault
      if he saved a drowning woman by mouth-to-mouth resuscitation

      CUPE 79 is making some noise now for they fear that if Rob Ford wins again.. CUPE 79 will again lose garbage collection for Rob Ford will be privatising that again ..
    3. Karl Burgin posted on 08/15/2014 03:36 PM
      @dama Yep.....another frivolous lawsuit coming down the pipes.

      Who has time to run a city when 60% of the time your being on the defensive.
    4. Fact Provider posted on 08/15/2014 03:43 PM
      @Karl Burgin A small correction here, Karl:

      Who has time to run a city when 80% of the time you"re campaigning and 20% of the time you're retracting lies you told the previous day ?
    5. Karl Burgin posted on 08/15/2014 03:52 PM
      @Fact Provider Missing the point as always....
      But hey, at least you always meet expectations of making bogus comments...

      CUPE is making a mountain out of an ant hill- and you're falling for it. If they were so concerned, there are a million different ways of handling it. Of course, if one wants to showboat and limelight, this is precisely the way to go.
    6. StuG posted on 08/15/2014 04:07 PM
      @dama Rob will never win anything again Dama.
      political career is done! finished! gonzo!
      it's downward spiral for him starting Oct. 28.
    7. Fact Provider posted on 08/15/2014 05:59 PM
      @Karl Burgin "Bogus comments..."?
      Where was I incorrect let alone "bogus"?

      It must be getting pretty lonely for you these days, Karl ... what with you being one of a crowd of 3 who still defend the almost-mayor.

      Unfortunately, since you don't live in Toronto, you won't have the chance to waste your vote on the lying Fraud in October.
    8. Karl Burgin posted on 08/15/2014 06:09 PM
      @Fact Provider I guess math isn't your strong point.
      I guess you can only count up to three. Since that was the amount of people at Ford fest who will vote for Ford
    9. Fact Provider posted on 08/16/2014 07:24 AM
      @Karl Burgin Poor deluded Karl.

      You actually believe that the minimum wage, part-time and dole collecting members of Ford Village, who go for free burgers and pop and maybe a selfie with the former mayor, will actually show up at the polls on October 27th?

      Wow !!

      Enjoy your time in your rubber room.
    10. Karl Burgin posted on 08/16/2014 09:27 AM
      @Fact Provider You versus the shirtless ninnies or the left wing kooks with no job who always seem to find the time to camp out in front the mayor office to protest, or out in the streets to carry signs.

      The IQ level of the people you're hoping that would vote would give anyone the shivers. But then again, people with a grade two intellect seems to be the type of company your comfortable with.

      And please don't respond. Every time you do, the English language suffers another blow
    11. Fact Provider posted on 08/16/2014 04:09 PM
      @Karl Burgin Regarding your comment on my inability with the English language:

      ... and you would know ... how?

      In this latest retort, you have no less than the following:

      Your first paragraph is actually a run-on non sentence.

      Your second paragraph has a mere two sentences but manages to have two grammar mistakes and one spelling error.

      Your final two sentences contain only one glaring error, that being one of punctuation.

      Go back to the basement and grab a grade four English book.

      Self improvement would be a worthy goal for you.
    12. Karl Burgin posted on 08/16/2014 10:54 PM
      @Fact Provider finished.
    13. Fact Provider posted on 08/17/2014 06:38 AM
      @Karl Burgin Your grade 12 GED and your grade two petulance is showing.

      In an attempt to keep you aware of your foibles and inabilities with
      " finished."

      You have composed a mere three words but somehow you managed no less than five errors in language usage.
      Two punctuation errors and two spacing errors contained in yet another run-on non sentence should be quite embarrassing.

      Your language skills are getting to be more like "john's" every day.
    14. Karl Burgin posted on 08/17/2014 09:10 AM
      @Fact Provider You must have been one of those grammar nazis Angry Bill was referring too....
      Maybe you must be some bitter teacher that's sacking this province dry...
    15. Fact Provider posted on 08/17/2014 10:21 AM
      @Karl Burgin You've been provided the details of my private business ownership twice now. Sorry about your poor memory.

      There isn't much point in deflecting as usual to an anti-teacher rant again in an attempt to explain why your language skills are so minimal.

      You made the opening parry with your ill-founded comment to me about "the English language suffer(ing) another blow."

      Either take your grade 12 diploma, add it to your mediocre English ability and go back to whatever island spawned you, and run for dictator, or, rent a hall that will seat 40 for the October 27th "victory" party for your hero (if you can afford it on that part-time pay cheque of yours).
    16. Karl Burgin posted on 08/17/2014 03:02 PM
      @Fact Provider Man, you must get off listening to the sound f your own bull-crap....
    17. Fact Provider posted on 08/17/2014 05:53 PM
      @Karl Burgin Is that comment your idea of irony, professional troll?

      Of all the possible characterization to come from a troll with so little to do and so little to offer that he can pen garbage on here more than 2,000 times, this one defines narcissism.

      Give your head a shake, computer tech boy, and go improve your mind instead of wearing it out.
    18. Karl Burgin posted on 08/18/2014 12:22 AM
      @Fact Provider On the contrary, you and you're inane BS us enough to wear out any sane individual.
      And've reached the troll status that donny holds.
    19. Mark7 posted on 08/18/2014 06:13 AM
      @Karl Burgin We already know that you are an insufferable prick with nothing to offer. But you have hit a new low, punk! You knock John's learning impairment with English skills? What the hell is wrong with you?!

      Other than the fact that you are a jerk!
    20. Fact Provider posted on 08/18/2014 07:15 AM
      @Mark7 Nice try.

      The "impairment" to which you refer is called L-A-Z-Y and he has admitted the same on these very boards multiple times.
    21. dama posted on 08/19/2014 02:20 PM
      @StuG It aint over till the fat lady sing so dont rule Rob Ford out, if he is a done and with all his troubles, his rating would be in the one digit but he is just trailing by a few points

      Also John Tory political track record is not good at all.. .. just like the blunder he did with his all faith funding that torpedoed him.. and he was leading in poll against Dalton McGuinty.. so this race is his to lose and I think he will if he makes another blunder..
  3. StuG posted on 08/15/2014 12:06 PM
    I will predict here and now that either one of the bumpkin hoser brothers will be slapped one more time with another threat of court action for some other stupid idiotic they say or do before Oct. 27
  4. WilliamP_5149 posted on 08/15/2014 12:13 PM
    what a surprise! Wynn just told Union few days ago that NO big bucks for teachers so…(I know diff union but really, they are all the same, so the Union wants to stick it to Ford because he's a target. Unions were helpful up until the 50's but they are just money-grubbing leeches. Guess what boys…..Chow ain't gonna win. She's washed up! no more piggies at the trough. gotta work for a living boys!
    1. Jack posted on 08/15/2014 12:34 PM
      @WilliamP_5149 We need Ontario to become a right-to-work province, and we need it yesterday. If you need proof that right-to-work is the right choice, think about this:

      If being a union member was such a good thing, then unions would have no reason to fear right-to-work; given the freedom to choose whether or not to join the union, people would still join. The only possible reason that unions fight SO HARD against right-to-work is that they know that every honest, competent worker who was previously forced to join their ranks in order to work in their chosen profession will leave in droves the second they have the freedom to do so.

      For more information about how badly unions are screwing up our economy and our everyday lives, check out Working Canadians on Facebook, Twitter, or Working Canadians dot ca.
    2. AbbyW posted on 08/15/2014 02:03 PM
      @Jack Won't happen, particularly under the Liberals. They prostitute themselves with our tax dollars by promising obscene wages and benefits that private companies can't afford in order to get large union block votes.

      The only way for this gravy train to stop is to remove the government from setting wages and benefits and turn it over to a non-public entity to ensure remuneration is on par with the private sector.

      Another way would be to introduce legislation requiring all contracts to be in line with the private sector.

      That would be a start to reducing the grotesque excesses the public sector enjoys.
  5. Stephen posted on 08/15/2014 01:12 PM
    Rather curious as to why the Occupational Health and Safety Council of Ontario is not asking questions as to how this bomb threat was handled? This Council is responsible for overseeing workers safety in the workplace and place a large emphasis on violence in the work place and risk assessment. Seems this risk was completely ignored along with the workers safety.
  6. Suz58 posted on 08/15/2014 03:32 PM
    When have Dumb and Dumber ever followed protocol?

    When are people going to figure out that almost everything they do is for the campaign? Plays on words, lies, not following procedure. The only way to keep them out of the media is when they know they have been caught at something rotten.

    Things have been pretty quiet on the Ford front lately! This gives them one more reason to get their name out there.

    Yup, I agree that nothing the Fords do, right or wrong and people would still put a negative spin on it. Guess what folks? They have earned it! If he was such a good Mayor, Toronto would be better off after his first term. Who in their right mind would vote him in for a second one?
  7. Karl Burgin posted on 08/15/2014 03:40 PM
    I heard the CUPE on AM640 about an hour ago...
    Pretty much all I heard was, "Oink, oink oink, grunt, grunt, oink, oink, oink..."

    Jeff McArthur (talk show host): Could this have been settled behind closed doors?
    Response: Oink, oink, oink...

    McArthur: Is this politically motivated? Is this being done to shame the mayor, with it only being a couple months away before the election?
    Response: Grunt, grunt, oink. Grunt, oink, grunt....

    McArthur: Well thanks for coming on the show....
    Response: Squeeaallll!!!
    1. Fact Provider posted on 08/15/2014 03:50 PM
      @Karl Burgin zzzzzzzzz ............ !!!!!!!!!!
    2. Karl Burgin posted on 08/15/2014 03:54 PM
      @Fact Provider Go sleep on your own time in your own space.
      Showing us what your brain does 98% of the time isn't helping your case.
    3. StuG posted on 08/15/2014 04:03 PM
      @Karl Burgin you sure that wasn't your mom calling you to come up from the basement Karl. and to put on pants before you come up
    4. Karl Burgin posted on 08/15/2014 04:09 PM
      @StuG Sounds like the voice of experience STUG.
      But no....I'm nowhere near the level of basement trolling like you and BS Provider over here...
    5. Fact Provider posted on 08/15/2014 06:02 PM
      @Karl Burgin The remaining 2% will still leave your under-educated a$$ in the dust, computer tech boy.
    6. Mark7 posted on 08/16/2014 12:13 PM
      @Fact Provider I see you are still trolling with reckless abandon, little one. You seem quite envious of Karl. Are you jealous that you are not a "computer tech boy" too? I already know the answer.

      You have never made one sensible reply or comment that is worth notice.

      Since you only love to see your name in print i suggest you write your garb age down on paper then hold it up to the mirror.

      The only facts are that you spew utter crap.
    7. Mark7 posted on 08/16/2014 12:16 PM
      @Karl Burgin Hey Karl. Both Fact Provider and Stug seem to have learning difficulties. They also never realize that you make them out for the fools they are with every reply to their stupidity. Keep up the great work.

      It is time for these two little boys to leave the nest (mommy's basement) and go out into the world.
    8. Fact Provider posted on 08/16/2014 04:31 PM
      @Mark7 "Envious" would be the absolute last word to be used in this case.

      More like "pity" that an under-educated part-time computer repair guy feels compelled to comment on every topic appearing on these pages. I enjoy pointing out his narcissism to him occasionally.

      As for you - there are no words to describe your on-line behaviour other than: "I pity that the next original thought you express here will likely die of loneliness.
    9. Fact Provider posted on 08/16/2014 04:55 PM
      @Mark7 "The only facts are that you spew utter crap "


      12 days BEFORE the provincial election I called it to the exact seat count on this board. You were still busy for a week after the election being dumbfounded at the results.

      The last thing you probably predicted correctly was your rent being overdue.
    10. Jack posted on 08/16/2014 10:29 PM
      @Fact Provider Congratulations, you accurately predicted that Ontario would make the worst decision besides mass suicide in the voting booths. That's like bragging that you predicted the exact body count in a tenement fire.
    11. Fact Provider posted on 08/17/2014 06:43 AM
      @Jack You seem to find it bothersome that I actually do not spew "... utter crap" don't you?

      Only the blind Con voter didn't see those results coming.
      Oh, I'm sorry ... I suppose I've made you feel bad again.

      Why don't you and your only friend, Karl, find a phone booth together and hold a victory rally for Ford?
    12. Karl Burgin posted on 08/17/2014 03:00 PM
      @Fact Provider You know me so well...
      But here's a few facts you should know before you make yourself look like a complete ass
      -I am fully employed AND run a part-time business
      -I graduated with an honours degree from university and a college diploma AT the same time in Ontario. What I spent most of my studies doing? Media studies....

      Your envy and foolishness with the way you sound though speaks volumes
    13. Fact Provider posted on 08/17/2014 06:34 PM
      @Karl Burgin The DeVry version or could it be CDI / Everest College?

      Plus media studies you say ... and an honours degree?
      Congratulations on your achievements. I'm sure Lakehead is very proud of you and your correspondence courses.

      By the way, fixing computers in your basement for your relatives and neighbours doesn't actually qualify as a part-time business.
    14. Karl Burgin posted on 08/18/2014 12:29 AM
      @Fact Provider The University I went to is among the best in Ontario and the college I went to is known worldwide. But no, not the cheap knockoffs like Devry you seem to aspire to.
      And if I'm making good money with my own business, it does count.
      Maybe you believe being in a basement all day long, at the ready, just to respond with attacks to my comments is a productive way to spend your time- but unfortunately that is not how the real world works.
      Go make better use of your time loser
    15. Mark7 posted on 08/18/2014 06:19 AM
      @Karl Burgin Hi Karl. Fact BS'ER already knows he is a pathetic troll. We both know he has a hard on for you. He is trying to aspire to something he is not. A decent individual with something to offer.
    16. Fact Provider posted on 08/18/2014 07:32 AM
      @Karl Burgin There is very little left to aspire to.

      I set my goals at the age of 16, attained two college diplomas and two degrees, penned and published a dozen short stories along with two books, founded and ran a successful business for more than twenty years and have followed through successfully on almost every other goal since then.

      I now find myself in the position of enjoying the benefits of many years of hard work by having others run business things for me.

      That, in turn, leaves me the time to chastise and correct uninformed but know-it-all types like you, for the benefit of having facts out there to replace the partisan, slanted, mostly inane but sometimes even dangerous musings of the "unwashed".

      You happen to receive the lion's share of them because you are the most prolific spreader of unfactual manure to be found.
    17. Karl Burgin posted on 08/18/2014 10:08 AM
      @Fact Provider I see why you think I went to DeVry, Everest or Lakehead. It seems as though you wanted to aspire to attend those institutions, but only managed to sign up for college courses online- of course in the comfort of your basement.

      *Writing stories on the back of a napkin and sharing it with your friends doesn't count as writing short stories or books.

      *Being online in front of a computer every waking moment of the day doesn't count as running a business.

      *Enjoying the fruits of your labor by spending all of your time in your basement doesn't count a enjoying the benefits

      *You are correct however in your uncontrollable desire to spew your spiel, make an ass out of yourself, and appoint yourself as some all "high and mighty" grammar nazi. It is a freakin' forum where people jot down their ideas quick and post. Its not where people write essays or papers to be graded by the likes of you

      And another thing, I don't usually entertain toll-like jerks by responding to their inane responses. I took exception this weekend, just to see how far you're willing to go with this. Gotta hand it to you- you've got stamina in writing BS. And frankly I'm exhausted- I just can't keep up with your level of idiocy. And believe me, I wouldn't be going this far responding to you again. Not because I don't have the ability to- but because I value my time, and responding to the likes of you is as much fun as having a crazy toothache while having my right foot sawed off.

      Happy trolling- you seem to enjoy it.
    18. Fact Provider posted on 08/18/2014 11:41 AM
      @Karl Burgin Regarding: "And frankly I'm exhausted ..."
      You should be.

      It must be almost as tiresome composing the better part of 200 words in one sitting and still having nothing meaningful to say, as it is to read it.

      Get a clue.
      You are the biggest embarrassment on here.
    19. Karl Burgin posted on 08/18/2014 12:38 PM
      @Fact Provider "Get a clue. You are the biggest embarrassment on here"

      Say that five times to yourself in the mirror everyday- and you might be on the road to improvement.
      If in your case, rehabilitation is even possible.....
  8. Ernie posted on 08/15/2014 09:19 PM
    Interesting union tactics for sure
    Bomb threats are not specifically covered in the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

    However if City hall has formal procedures on how to deal with bomb threats (and I assume they do) then the union may have a point - if in fact proper procedures that are in place are not followed. However, I would find it unlikely that the individuals responsible for initiating and running the procedures are the Ford brothers.

    In other words, its the public that are making this a witch hunt for Ford - not the Union. The mayor is not aways AT city hall therefore it would be illogical for him to be the initiator of procedures.

    Although I am not pro-union, I suspect that a similar response would be coming from any union in any workplace that felt that bomb threat procedures were not being followed.

    I worked for a company years ago as a manager that was unionized. We suspect that union members were routinely calling in bomb threats just to have 2 or 3 hours off work. To make the procedure painful for the members, we decided that for "security purposes" all members must assemble in the parking lot for head count and remain there until there was an all clear signal from the police. They actually wanted to go home with pay but we would not give into that demand.

    Of course the cops never found anything and when they reported that all was clear to their searing, the hard nosed union member would say - how do you know - did you personally open every package in the whole facility? To which the cops answered no but they have no reason to be suspicious. In the end, standing out in the hot or cold or rainy parking lot was no fun either so they went back inside.

    When we asked the cops how to stop the bomb threats - they said very simple - post a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those involved with bomb threats against the organization. They predicted that bomb threats would stop because those guys like to brag, and for $10,0000 their buddies would turn them in. The cops were right - the threats stopped.
  9. Hinterland MIke posted on 08/16/2014 08:47 AM
    aka Mike from the Hinterland(Don't you love the 20 characters! for your name! I created a new e-mail account as well to send all the marketing stuff for filing.)

    Anyways, let us get down to business about the union. Believe it or not, I may agree with the union on this one! At my workplace (non-union), the procedure is when a threat is received, you notify security and the area is evacuated. If this is what the Union is complaining about, then I agree with them! If this is the policy, then the union is right to file their grievance.

    Doug and Rob, you better hope that bomb sniffing dog was not cross trained in drug detection. You should be worried. You don't need another scandal!
  10. Mark7 posted on 08/16/2014 12:17 PM
    FACT...Fact Provider is nothing but a trolling fool. A quick read of his comments proves my case.
    1. Fact Provider posted on 08/16/2014 04:32 PM
      @Mark7 My guess is the only "case" with which you're familiar says "Coors Light".
    2. Karl Burgin posted on 08/17/2014 03:01 PM
      @Fact Provider A self-appointed troll comedian- who knew?

      Bet you practice those lines in front of a mirror- don't you?
    3. Fact Provider posted on 08/17/2014 06:38 PM
      @Karl Burgin "Practice" - noun form of the word.
      "Practise" - verb form.

      Oh, darn. There I go again - " ... the English language suffers another blow".

      I keep telling you - a grade four English book could provide a wealth of information for your betterment, Karl.
    4. Karl Burgin posted on 08/18/2014 12:30 AM
      @Fact Provider Sure thing grammar nazi. Whatever makes you sleep soundly at night
    5. Mark7 posted on 08/18/2014 06:21 AM
      @Fact Provider Sorry little boy but I do not do the liquid drug/poison alcohol. Only fools drink alcohol. Could you be one of them? Yep!
    6. Fact Provider posted on 08/18/2014 07:36 AM
      @Mark7 And this irrelevant comment has what to do with anything?

      Your concentration seems a little spotty.
      Perhaps you should investigate the possibility of early dementia setting in.
    7. Karl Burgin posted on 08/18/2014 10:11 AM
      @Fact Provider He's responding to the "Coors Light" comment you made, you dolt.
      The fact that you even mentioned "Coors Light" makes no sense at all to begin with.
      Then again, pulling BS out of your ass isn't anything new.
    8. Fact Provider posted on 08/18/2014 11:44 AM
      @Karl Burgin Good to see that you read my commentary in detail.
      Keep it up - you can use all the learning you can get.
    9. Karl Burgin posted on 08/18/2014 12:39 PM
      @Fact Provider That makes no sense- try again......
      ...and please read before you hit "submit"...
    10. Fact Provider posted on 08/18/2014 02:49 PM
      @Karl Burgin Foolishly I thought, that as a media studies grad, from one of "...the best in Ontario ...", your comprehension level would be above grade four.

      My mistake.

      Try this instead, vastly educated computer repair guy.

      Happy - u - look - at - my - stuff - with - care.
      Keep - doing - that - u - will - learn - stuff.

      Is that better for you, troll;?
    11. Karl Burgin posted on 08/18/2014 03:37 PM
      @Fact Provider Let me spell it out slowly for you....
      The' anything......

      I am very comfortable with my comprehension level. Excuse me trying to dumb down my grammar so that you have even a hope of trying to understand anything written here....

      You can pretend all you want that you have some level of an IQ....but its quickly beginning to show how dumb you make yourself look...

      Is that better for you, old fart?
    12. Fact Provider posted on 08/18/2014 03:58 PM
      @Karl Burgin As usual your poor English usage has hung you out to dry.

      Your statement, "That makes no sense- try again......" immediately follows and refers to my previous post, namely: "Good to see that you read my commentary in detail." - despite what you, with your stilted ability might think it refers to.

      Really, Karl - it's past the time where you can appear to be lucid, let alone intelligent or well spoken.

      Give it up - you're much too easy a target. The vast majority of under-educated people like you just are.
    13. Karl Burgin posted on 08/18/2014 04:09 PM
      @Fact Provider 1.>My aim is not to please grammar nazis like yourself. Or try to live I mean dumb down to your pitiful standards
      2.>I don't care if I appear intelligent to you. For all I know, you might think the world of a parrot and its IQ.
      3.>My statement makes sense. If you don't know what sense to make of it, then all hope is sadly lost for you...

      Keep on trolling buddy....
    14. Fact Provider posted on 08/18/2014 04:31 PM
      @Karl Burgin Consult any elementary school English book and you will discover that you're 100% incorrect in your assessment that "My (your) statement makes sense."

      It, of course, does not, for the reasons I outlined, because it is not referencing what you pretend it was.

      Your stubborn insistence on having the last word (even though that word is completely wrong) is surpassed only by your belief that what you have to say has any validity.

      It almost never does.

      Over to you, computer tech troll.
    15. Karl Burgin posted on 08/18/2014 05:05 PM
      @Fact Provider 1.> A colouring book doesn't count as an English school book. Yes the colours may be pretty. But those are meant for toddlers...
      2.>Your statement still doesn't make sense- no matter how hard you may try to make it sound otherwise.
      3.>Liking all your posts 4-5 times yourself doesn't lend to its credibility.
      4.>Yes, I am determined to have the last word in this. Or at least till your head explodes... always wanted to see a spoiled teacher's head explode. One less leech sucking off the public teat to worry about.

      Over to you poozer...
    16. Fact Provider posted on 08/18/2014 05:18 PM
      @Karl Burgin I observe that you still deny your English inabilities.

      As well, it would appear that you were unable to comprehend the part where I told you (for the third time), that I am the owner of a business, not a teacher.

      Unlike you, however, I can use English properly.
      Your deflection (lie) says a lot about you and none of it is worthwhile.

      Take your time with your next rebuttal. Perhaps you can even try to say something relevant, rather than another "Karl-deflection".
      That monumental achievement might make my head explode.

      Go for it, part-time computer tech boy.
    17. Karl Burgin posted on 08/18/2014 05:41 PM
      @Fact Provider Ouch...that almost hurt as much as if I actually cared....or what that more of a tickle...

      And rebuttal to're mickey mouse insults?
    18. Fact Provider posted on 08/18/2014 08:04 PM
      @Karl Burgin My head didn't explode since it was obvious from the get-go that you couldn't possibly be relevant even on your best day.

      "Karl" combined with "relevant"
      is the same as"
      "Moron" combined with "oxymoron"

      I guess I knew it all along and you lived down to my expectations..

      Once a "world class educated" computer repair guy -
      always merely a computer repair guy (with nothing to say).
  11. Fact Provider posted on 08/18/2014 08:10 PM
    There's a fool between the "Y" and the "I" on your keyboard.
    Look for it.
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